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GAMBLING. it doesn't differentiate between rich and poor.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, January 07, 2019

The essence is, take care, gambling is impacting, debilitating if overdone,and the sign says, 'don't chase your losses.'

THE LATEST ON HOW TO STOP GAMBLING: (if you don't like humor please ignore).'re a gambler. I'm betting you won't admit it. :>) It's all been said and done, or is that sad and dumb? One of the latest medications i've developed for anti-gambling is a pill designed to stop your gambling in its tracks. The pill weighs 150lb. Now, place one pill on each window of your house and external doors. Place one pill on the gambler, if the playing persists add another pill.

Only gamble what you can afford. If indeed you have a Ford don't sell it. Strange fact is that all- in- all isn't life a big enough gamble without increasing the odds? You gamble that you'll wake up every day, The governments gamble that you'll continue gambling to build their coffers. The signs in slots venues say explicitly, 'in the end you'll lose' or to be more erudite, 'don't chase your losses.' In other words, 'we have your money don't try a 100 to one shot at trying to get it back.' Full stop.

Greed is a human emotion we all suffer from, and by all accounts, not gladly when it goes belly up investment wise genre. Business gambling is in essence similar. Most would know that Abe Lincoln- one of the greatest presidents ever-went bankrupt several times over a risk calculated purchase of shops intended for resale at a profit. Failed. Following an earlier nervous breakdown the stamina of Abe came to the fore out of adversity and he went on to become as previously mentioned, a great statesman of character and 'can do.' Current president Mr Trump, bankrupt four times. Makes me wonder if in fact it will become the norm so to speak, that it will be mandatory for all future presidents to delve in the waters of bankruptcy. :>) Of course the stigma attached is far lesser, re asset loss also. Not promoting it. But the waters are less murky. Though the impact on others' livelihood far reaching in the mop up.

What i'm saying here is that powerful men and women above and beyond the realms of the average gambler, in any form of gambling, it brings those people down to a sober reflection ground where they are forced at times to walk in the reflection of our shoes. Strange fact is though, and plenty of examples, through various available outs, government aided at times, they regain their stature money wise. With a little help from their 'friends'. Funny if, not convoluted, a person i know went to see a gambling counselor, was read the riot act. Counselor was seen at the slots gambling away $2000. I'm not pointing the finger of accusation...just try to keep the finger perhaps away from the strident music and pedantic imploring Casino buttons a little more. Oh, and don't cross busy thoroughfares where you could run the risk of being run down by a gamboling bus! And remember folks, Broowaha is founded and perpetuates from opinion comments good or bad.

That too Ed is a sort of gamble i guess. Take care, yes gambling can get seriously out of shape, i'm hoping the odds are that you all have a wonderful Xmas and happy New Year. Can i bet on it folks? Cheers.:>)

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