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Top 7 Wardrobe essentials for every Indian woman

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , December 17, 2018

Essentials like a black kurti and a few others listed here to ensure her look is flawless for each of the occasions she represents.

An Indian woman’s wardrobe is equal to that of a magic cauldron. It should be equipped all the time to fish out anything she wants for any occasion. The Indian woman of today performs multiple roles at home, at work and in the society. Each of these instances needs her to be present in her best dress for that particular occasion. This is possible if and only if her wardrobe is planned and equipped with basic essentials like a black kurti and a few others listed here to ensure her look is flawless for each of the occasions she represents.

The saree

The saree needs to be right at the top of the list for every Indian woman. Her wardrobe is never complete without it. A few silk sarees for special occasions and a few simple sarees for casual occasions are always handy.

The black kurti

A black kurti is always a go-to option when running out of ideas to dress up. A black kurti with some oxidized jewellery along with a colorful contrast dupatta will make for a great look.

The white kurti set

Just like the black kurti, the white kurti set is always another option of comfort clothing. If nothing else works out for a day which has both official and casual commitments, the white kurti set is a brilliant option. It is great for official meeting and with a little bit of accessorizing it will be dazzling for a casual event.

Women’s capris

Women’s capris are a must have for an Indian woman’s wardrobe. They team up well with short kurtis and t-shirts. They are great for casual outings, weekend getaways, birthday parties, informal get together.

A denim jeans pant

A denim jeans pant is a wardrobe essential that cannot be missed. It can work both as office wear and casual wear depending on the need, occasion and the event. A jeans pant is probably the only western garment that is as versatile as the Indian saree in terms of usage.


Palazzos are the quintessential comfort clothing for women. The mobility and the usability of these bottoms is unparalleled. They team up well with all kinds of tops like t-shirts, tunics, kurtis both long and short. They also offer endless possibilities of fusion wear.


A few maxi skirts both in traditional and contemporary format will help pep up the wardrobe. They offer a lot of options to dress up for various occasions like office parties, cocktail parties, Indian events and festivals and wedding-related events.

Along with all these clothing essentials, Indian women should equip their wardrobe with items like leggings, matching shoes, jewellery, scarves and bags. The whole essence of dressing up for an event comes from the fact of pulling up a look that is just right for an event. A little bit of planning ahead and working on putting together the right kind of clothes and accessories will help you look your best everywhere.

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