The business environment is a competitive one, something which has always been the case. However, the advent of the Internet and its gradual adoption of advertising, marketing and selling means that businesses have an even more powerful medium to make use of in their bid to expand and throw a wider net to attract more customers while at the same time go head-to-head with their competitors. The Internet has emerged in recent decades to collect other areas of society and unify them for people to access in an easier way and in a single location. This process has been no different in the world of business. Previously, businesses had physical locations with advertising in broadcast and printed media while customer interaction would be conducted over the phone or in store. The countless capabilities of the Internet means that all these processes have been combined into one area and you can do all of these actions from the comfort of your own home or even your own phone. With the Internet, it is possible to research products, look through ads, place orders, organise deliveries and deal with customer service at the touch of a button.

What is the current state of play with online business?

Of course, while the Internet itself is one of the greatest advances of the 20th century, it does not stop advancing either. All these ideas which came about thanks to the Internet are continuously being re-evaluated and, in some cases, updated or even replaced. In the case of the above, online business has gone through many shapes and moved through various formats. Currently, it is making the most of a particular format that is proving to be very successful and easily the most popular one for the time being. This format is Instagram and its explosive popularity has seen numerous businesses take notice of its potential and latch on to the social network in order to join all the other companies making the most of this innovative form of social media whose popularity continues to increase and whose capabilities for being a platform to do business with are being thoroughly explored.

Why is Instagram such an attractive proposition for businesses?

There are several reasons why businesses are drawn to Instagram and each one of them contributes to the success that businesses can have if they dedicate a significant amount of time and energy to the cause. Simply put, the biggest draw for Instagram is the number of users it has and the behavioural patterns they engage in. With over a billion active accounts, the sheer number of users it has is one thing, however their patterns of use are also an important point to focus on. 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business while 60% of Instagram users have discovered products using the social network. In addition, Instagram users have a better interaction rate overall than those of all the other social media and 70% of them are more likely to nbuy things online from their mobile.

Other factors that make Instagram a good place for doing business

Businesses that work with Instagram are able to offer their products for sale through the app while it is also a useful way for businesses and companies to advertise their products and services on a free-to-use platform. The interaction factor is an important one as it gives people interested in the company or business the perfect opportunity to communicate with them on a one-to-one level. Customers appreciate this and it is becoming the case that people are more likely to contact businesses or companies through their social media pages instaed of approaching them the old-fashioned way through call centres.

Instagram as a way to build a brand

This interaction with customers and users on a more genuine basis coupled with the creative options that the social network offers for its users to spread their meesage around the world means it can be used by companies to develop a distinctive brand. By developing a brand, companies can create brand recognition and, with this, it becomes easier for customers to identify products from that company and associate qualities and characteristics with them. The possibility of engaging in direct communication with customers and potential customers is one that needs to be practiced and mastered in order to build a positive relationship with them and offer a positive image of the company.

How to build up your own company's profile on Instagram

Instagram places a lot of importance on the interaction profiles have with other Instagram users. As such, if you are looking to use Instagram to increase people's awareness of the company, you need to find ways to get more Instagram users interested in your profile. The simple way to do this is by providing good quality content. This is easier said than done as you can have good quality content but if it doesn't get seen, it won't have the desired impact. A quicker way to get more people to see your profile, and therefore get more positive attention, is to get people interacting with it. The more popular your page is, the more people get drawn in. One way of ensuring you get more attention is by working with websites that offer Instagram features for a price, such as At these websites, you can get a certain amount of features, including likes, commons and features, which will help you increase the traffic to your page and, from there, get even more attetion.