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Industrial relocations are a success with this company

The process is not quite as easy as a move in the private sphere, which can already be exciting enough.

ATRAG AG is called whenever a larger trade intends to change location and relocate it to another location. The process is not quite as easy as a move in the private sphere, which can already be exciting enough. But if you do not have to transport cupboards and sofas, but entire production line and huge, complex facilities, then a move takes another dimension.

Therefore, it is also advisable to consult a specialist who understands his trade and knows what to do and how to ensure that all facilities are properly dismantled and rebuilt without incurring any damage, which inevitably leads to a loss of production would bring with it. In such a project, a single Kran Schweiz is not really sufficient, because usually a whole vehicle fleet of vehicles is necessary to have the right device for every system and use, so that one can effectively exclude incidents. After all, there is no less favorable scenario for the owner than if, after the move, one finds that the installations were damaged by the crane work in Switzerland and then at least stand still for a certain period of time. Of course, in such a case the insurance would very likely take effect, but for the customer of the company this would not bring any real relief, because his products would not simply put by the insurance for the Swiss business relocation, he would still have to wait until everything would be functional again and this would be enormously annoying, especially if one urgently needs it. And to be honest, these are all companies in the present day, as most businesses only have to produce just in time in order to save themselves high storage costs. This in turn due to the enormous cost pressure that has increased at least partially due to globalization in recent years. In such a move, it is also important that the assembly of industrial plants Switzerland are taken over by specialists, because only with the transport, it is done on a maximum of smaller machines, but not in extensive Produktionsanalgen.

It is also always advantageous if, as an operation offering removals of this kind, a combined vehicle is available, a so-called truck crane Switzerland, which allows both the lifting and the transport of a machine and can accomplish. But with very heavy equipment, this vehicle and it also has so many advantages, usually not enough, here you have to act with much more strength than if it is only a single machine. In most cases, Pneukran Switzerland is used here and ensures that large systems can be lifted gently and the truck can be set without being exposed to the risk that the crane could tip over or lose weight due to the load. But it does not always have to be oversized, because each production company also has smaller machines and larger equipment that can easily be lifted with a mini crane Switzerland, which takes up much less space and can easily drive directly into the hall. Ultimately, the abundance of available vehicles also has an enormous impact on how smoothly and efficiently such a project can be realized and, of course, on avoiding unwanted incidents in the industrial relocation of Switzerland.

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