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What to Look for in HRIS Software

by Jenessa (writer), , December 06, 2018

If you’re in the HR industry, you’re likely familiar with the term HRIS

For that aren’t familiar, HRIS (Human Resources Information System) is online software that stores and manages all your employee data on one platform that is easy to use.

HRIS software is a platform which is designed to streamline the duties of HR teams, equipping them with a centralized platform on which to conduct and analyze many of their duties. For example, decent HRIS software will allow your employees to create surveys, organize payroll, and manage team performance from one convenient location. Many self-employed women struggle to know when to get help with their business, and short of hiring extra staff, a decent HRIS solution could make a world of difference.

HR Core Software

The easier it is to access and analyze multiple data streams about employees, the easier it is for HR teams to adapt their employee experience (EX) and improve an employee’s experience with their employer at various touchpoints.

By using HRIS survey software and recruitment software, HR teams can better collect data from their employees and analyse it, leading to better changes. More and more employees expect the workplace to be tailored to their needs, and it’s your responsibility to see this through.

Payroll and remunerationEveryday HR tasks, such as payroll and remuneration, can be made easier with the appropriate HRIS software. By using an HRIS system, your employees are able to minimize their downtime and boost their productivity, speeding up everyday clerical duties with ease. Paying invoices and paying your staff has never been easier!

Recruitment and Onboarding

It can be a huge hassle to sift through those hundreds of CVs when you put out a job posting, so the more automation you can have in place to help your HR staff, the better. Cutting-edge HRIS platforms feature automated tools which search CVs and look for keywords and key skills which are of importance to the company.

Furthermore, when transitioning between job roles, HRIS systems come with powerful succession management and learning management software which help to guarantee a smooth transition.

Boosting employee moraleThere is an escalating war for talent raging throughout Australia, and one of the best ways to steal talent away from your competitors is to enhance your employee experience and ensure that team morale is kept high. While HRIS performance management software helps you to keep track of underperforming team members and help them, rewards and recognition software enables you to congratulate and reward the team members who are performing well. The happier are more efficient your staff are, the more likely you are to attract top talent from your industry!

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