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Here you will find corner benches in a completely

?The carpenter Othmar Schmidig has earned a very good name in the many years of her activity when it comes to the production of corner benches.

The carpenter Othmar Schmidig has earned a very good name in the many years of her activity when it comes to the production of corner benches. For many years and decades, this piece of furniture had a stable tradition in the region and was hard to imagine a household without. It was just a matter of getting into the kitchen of a flat or a house, then settling down together to tell each other the latest happenings. As a carpenter Schwyz one could therefore always count on a stable and steady demand for this piece of furniture and it was desired that this was sometimes very richly decorated.

It was a tradition that the furniture was not only made from the good wood of the surrounding region, but also that a carver was asked for help to decorate it with suitable motifs from the region. Motives from agriculture and forestry were mainly used, but also pictorial representations of situations with families and children were very popular and were very often attached to the furniture. It was then appreciated again, if you saw this good work and knew how much effort it was to attach these ornaments and that each piece was a unique piece, was also for the customer enormously satisfactory and wore relevant to the esteem of the corner bank. But even those who did not want carvings now had numerous possibilities to decorate the piece of furniture even further and to design them individually according to their own personal preferences due to the great experience of the specialist. But not only the bench was made here, but of course you needed more chairs, which you could put around the table and of course the table itself. And so the company was also able to develop a good reputation as Tisch Schreiner, because it was particularly important to ensure that it fitted perfectly with the rest of the interior, so that the overall view of the furniture resulted in a coherent overall picture, which was enormously important for the customer and probably will always be. The classic, however, will probably always be the corner bench wood, then and now, although today it is chosen in a simpler design than a few years ago. Therefore, it also needed in the mind of the professional conversion, because you had to change the style but clearly in order to meet the demands and requirements of customers.

But since this was a creeping process, it was easy to comply with without having to cancel orders. Of course you could also offer more pieces of furniture that were not limited to the kitchen, but also completed other rooms. As a result, furniture carpentry has become more and more well-known as a piece of furniture and today it enjoys great popularity when it comes to making individual pieces. Of course you still have to be well informed about which trends exist at the moment, so that you can incorporate this style and design into your own suggestions.

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