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Here you always feel at home

by kelifornia (writer), , November 29, 2018

Sure, you go on vacation to see something new, but it's just nice if you can feel at home on vacation as well.

Sure, you go on vacation to see something new, but it's just nice if you can feel at home on vacation as well. Some prefer to travel to Switzerland, others prefer to travel to America, for example. But then you should take at least three weeks off, so that the long journey is well worth it. If you have done that, then you also have the opportunity to extensively travel the vast land. Most people start on the west coast and work their way north to south, visiting Las Vegas and the National Parks, if they are open, which is not always the case, as there is a lot of drought at times and the danger of fire is the operator forces the park to close for visitors.

This is annoying when you're on a trip with your family and you do not have the opportunity to just return the following week, but you can not change it at the moment anyway. Therefore, it is probably best to just drive on and continue on to Texas and Florida. Once there, you should take the time and spend a few days on the beach, unless you have done so before in San Francisco. This city is incredibly impressive due to its location and it is probably one of the most beautiful moments on this trip, especially in the morning, when the fog drifts over the land directly on the Pacific Ocean, and the Golden Gate Bridge only partially protrudes. Then, once you've enjoyed the beach in Florida, you can head north again from the south and discover more exciting places, and the journey is worth the trip even before you get to New York and Washington D.C. has reached. Because this country has so much to offer and especially if you are traveling with a wife and child, you have the opportunity to forget everything around you and also what you have left behind in the home. Because here you have the advantage that you know exactly that you are too far away to meet one of the people you normally have in your everyday life. This brings with it a certain amount of rest to focus on the important, the family that you owe your time, if you are so uncommonly disciplined and busy in everyday life and even on Friday is the penultimate one who leaves the office , But if you do not want to travel so far and spend a whole day on the plane, you will stay in Switzerland and drive here to the Gasthaus Rössli, which is known for its hospitality and good food in the restaurant Eschenbach.

The hotel Eschenbach itself consists of only two rooms, but these are reasonably priced and are ideal, if you have made it your goal, here extensively to hiking St. Gallen. But of course the doors are always open for a banquet Eschenbach.

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