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5 Reasons Why Science Deserves More Accolades Than It's Getting

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , November 13, 2018

Science deserves better and below are the few reasons that describe the importance of science and its accolades.

When it comes to accolades given to science, we are aware of the Noble prize, Albert Einstein world award of science, the Copley medal, and the wolf foundation prize. These awards are still less as compared to the accomplishments of the science. Science is behind everything, from the food we eat to the technologies that we use. Science is a basic phenomenon of this universe, and should always be appreciated. The awards that are given in the name of science are still very few due to which most deserving discoveries remain unrewarded. Science deserves better and below are the few reasons that describe the importance of science and its accolades.

1. Motivation:

As doing scientific researches is not like sleeping on a bed of roses. Rather, it requires a great deal of struggle and hard work. Scientists work day and night in order to come up with a sound discovery or an invention. For this purpose, scientists must be awarded prizes, money as well as respect. If only a few accolades are given for science then many scientists become demotivated, which should not be the case. In order to motivate scientists, more accolades must be given for science so that they continue their struggle in the name of researches, discoveries, and innovations.

2. Science cure diseases:

Even today many diseases are incurable still some find their cure due to the help of science with each passing day. Science leads to major discoveries which are used in the treatment of a number of ailments. Today, many diseases are healed and cured which were fatal and cureless a few decades back. Science has provided us with a number of benefits in the field of medical and must be awarded for this purpose. Using Radiation shielding we are being protected from various diseases.

3. Understanding the universe:

In order to understand the secrets of the universe, science is the only way that makes it possible. Science enables the researches to look beyond their capabilities and think outside the box. Science gives us an understanding of how this universe came into being and how it works. Basically, science is the reason for all the small details in this universe and as well as all the major happenings.

4. Technologies:

Without science, technological advancements could not have been possible. It is science that leads to the inventions of the computer systems, mobile phones as well as many other devices. Without science, these inventions could not have been possible and our lives would have been a lot different.

5. Knowledge:

Science is not just about new technologies and new medicines instead it's about knowledge. The knowledge that results from curiosity, its about asking questions and finding answers. Science deserves more because it provides us with new knowledge and information with passing time.

Since science is the reason we live and progress in this world. It should be given more importance and the accolades given to science should be increased so that more and more inventions and discoveries take place.

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