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How to Drive in Snow and Icy Weather

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , November 08, 2018

Consequently, here’s how to drive in snow and icy weather

Driving in snow and icy weather is the same for everyone; painstakingly difficult. It’s during this period that every road user needs to flaunt their skills as a worthy driver. Not to do so risks not just their own safety, but the safety of their fellow drivers too. Certainly, everyone just wants to get home and get warm too, but impatience and panic can’t set in here.

Consequently, here’s how to drive in snow and icy weather.

Make it Easier

Make no mistake, you can’t just hop into your vehicle like its summer outside and get going. Certain precautions must be made before every journey, getting both you and your car thoroughly ready for the tougher than usual driving conditions outside. Just as you’d look into car financing from the AA for a better driving experience, look into the wintery hazards on the roads too.

Stick to the main roads as best you can, as these will have gained the most TLC from road maintenance workers. More people use them, so larger amounts of the snow and ice will have been cleared compared to, say, an obscure country road located miles away from any town. Additionally, take a shovel in case you need to dig yourself out of a jam, and deice your car before travel. You should take any actions that make your driving experience safer! If you don’t prepare, you risk being a hazard on the road and causing accidents.

Take it Slow

Snow and icy weather really do stall the traffic. Out-and-out jams will occur at nearly every step of the journey if the snow is thick enough, obscuring the vision of drivers and coating the roads in thick layers. If you’re stuck behind numerous vehicles and quickly losing your patience, it can be tempting to slam down on acceleration and take off, free from the burden of tedious queues.

Do. Not. Do. This. Acknowledge that everyone is driving slowly for the same reason; safety. Even if you happen to be leading the line, maintain a slow and steady pace. This will make it easier to break and control the vehicle if you lose the traction of the wheels against any ice. Moreover, you’ll be able to take in your surroundings a bit easier, even if they’re obscured in mist and snow. In the end, if you drive at a steady speed, safety is nearly guaranteed!

Follow the Tracks

Driving in tough conditions would make any sensible driver feel incredibly uneasy. Is it safe? How do I know which roads are safe and which roads are dangerous? Any answers to these questions would remove a lot of the anxiety around driving in the snow, and if you’ve got a keen eye, you might be able to do just that!

Keep an eye out for any tyre tracks on the roads. After all, this will mean that a vehicle has passed through before and has got on okay. Try and keep your own cars wheels in line with the tracks, and you should be safe from thereon. Roads that are tried and tested are best to use, so try to avoid roads where the snow and ice look completely undisturbed.

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