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SMS Marketing - Things to Look for While Choosing a Service

by Editor (editor), , November 06, 2018

What to look for while searching for a good text messaging service.

Why go for SMS marketing when the company is not offering you exciting features. There are a lot of SMS marketing companies. And every company has its bunch of features. But as the client, your take would be to select one company which offers you the most necessary and relevant features which suits your SMS marketing. And that is why it's not bad to be too fussy and picky while selecting and finally enrolling with one marketing company. Rather you should settle with one only when you are fully convinced.

The next generation SMS marketing

SMS marketing has been taken to the next level by the digital marketing experts with their finest ideas and inputs, which succeeded in making the plain and simple, boring and often non-creative SMS messages into marketing bombs. It didn't happen in a day. The slow evolution of messages took place, which within some time made a simple SMS message into a great probability to gain some good business in a short time. And there are many reasons why text messages must be used to the fullest to enjoy this probability turn into a solid business.

And now the SMS marketing companies which are giving you the platform to send a marketing message to your leads seamlessly, have started including all the vital features needed for the success of the campaign into their list of features. Not all services are the same. Some have one element well, and some have more. Hence you must study and decide.

What to look for while searching for a good text messaging service

There are a lot of things to check for while you are sifting through the various SMS messaging services. Some of them are as follows:

  • The extended message is a rich feature, which helps in making a text message longer. Normally text messages contain 160 characters to the highest. But when you enroll in a professional messaging service, then your text messages can be 300 characters long. And this provides for a longer broader scope to express more, inform more, and load the message with data that must be spread.
  • Autoresponder service helps you program messages to be sent at a certain time. This works like a scheduler, and any number of messages can be scheduled to be sent at a specific date and time to a specific number of groups or recipients.
  • One of the most important things needed in managing text message marketing campaigns is to collect leads. The data you get is your tool to move ahead. Without data you are nothing. Hence, you will have to see to it that you accumulate enough data, and if the messaging service helps you scrape that data, then that could be the best feature to accumulate leads and data, arrange them, study further, and plan the next marketing.
  • MMS based marketing is another feature which will give you the facility to show video clips and images to the targeted users. And there is no doubt MMS messages appeal more for containing colored pictures. This adds to the scope to send a banner or poster or anything.
  • Messages can be sent with customizations. Based on the customer data you collect through the messaging service, you may plan to personalize the messages by studying the behavior of customers. Accordingly, you may send custom group messages and make the marketing campaign personalized.
  • Just like personalizing messages, you can segment the customers into groups. Based on the customer behavior and preferences the groups can be made to send messages.
  • A mobile app-based service is a great time saver and eases the working and planning of your SMS marketing campaigns. When you can plan your marketing directly on the go through the app, then things get even better, more manageable, and easier.
  • There are many apps which have a direct or indirect effect on your text messaging marketing. If you manage to connect the SMS marketing service to these apps to sync between related and tedious tasks, then management gets much easier.
  • Connecting the service with your email marketing services so that leads and data can be synced, is another help you may get from some of the advanced text message marketing services.
  • Mass texting feature helps you contact everyone on the contact list and send bulk messages. You can easily send many messages, and even more messages at once to the same set of contacts.
  • Links are shared through the message, and your SMS sending service should have a feature to shorten the link to a tiny URL so that the customers find it nice to look at and follow, while your messaging service helps you track the URL and see how much the traffic to it is.
  • You would prefer an account which can be accessed and used by many users. Multi-user usage is important when you have a widespread business and want many people to access the SMS marketing service account. Services like Simpletexting can be helpful in such ways.
  • Using text marketing services, you should be able to hold competitions and polls, etc. among customers. This gives you more flexibility to make your SMS marketing more attractive.
  • Getting customer feedback through voting SMS can be so easy when you tie up with the right service. If you have a website, customers should be able to opt for your text message from the site through filling a web form. And this integration and sync are possible through your messaging service. The most important thing is support. If you are getting services and no support, then in times of downtime, or confusion, queries, etc., you will be feeling alone and helpless. Any continued confusion is a waste of time and results in wrong steps. Hence, a good service provider giving round the clock support will be the best choice.


If you luckily get all these services under one banner, then you can be sorted with your text message marketing campaigns. Things can be really easy and great for you, and you may try new styles of messaging with creativity.

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