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Popular Sports in India

by Editor (editor), , November 06, 2018

It is also determined by the amount of income or the revenue it generates

Sports activities are a very important aspect in any progressing society or community. Sports are a crucial part of any country and India is not an exception. Different sporting activities are practiced by the Indian people. In this article, we bring to you the top popular sports activities in India. How do we determine the popularity os any sport in the Indian nation? We do that by determining the number of fun watching and participating in that sport. It is also determined by the amount of income or the revenue it generates


D:kedar3 Novimgadminton.jpg

This game is more popular and common among the Indian people. It is ranked as the second type of sport played in the Indian nation after the cricket. It is managed by an Indian association known as the Badminton Association. The Indian nation has been achieved a certain level of success internationally in playing badminton. An Indian citizen Nehwal Saina was among the top-ranked players in the world during the 2010 badminton sports, while Prakash and Gopi had were ranked as the best players during the England open sports in the year 1980 & 2001 respectively. Nehwal Saina is the only Indian player who has won a medal in 2012Olympic. She was awarded a bronze.


D:kedar3 Novimghockey.jpg

This sport is the Indian national sport in the Olympic games along with Pakistan. The Indian nation has proved to be among the best nations to excel when it comes to hockey sports. This country has won one silver, two bronze medals and eight gold, which is a good record in world history. Back in the year 1975, they won the tournament in the world. Additionally, the women’s team from India has been awarded the silver medal and the male’s team has succeeded and won the bronze medal during the tournament.


D:kedar3 Novimgcricket.jpg

This is the most popular and common sport among the Indian nation. When it comes to revenue, profits,and returns in the cricket’s world, the Indian cricket team is the leading. All of us have witnessed and seen posters displayed severally indicating that the Indian nation has two religions, ‘’film and cricket.’’ Legends like Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar,and Rahul David, all have come or have roots from India.

According to research, India as a country has invested a lot of capital in the cricket sport after the introduction of the Indian Premier League which has attracted many crickers from all parts of the world. Luckily enough, India has won almost all of the ICC Tournaments such as T20 world cup of the year 2007, ODI’s world cup of the year 1983 and the year 2011 and the ICC Champions Trophy of the year 2013. It is therefore evident that cricket is the leading and the most common sport among the Indian people.


D:kedar3 Novimgfootball.jpg

Soccer is the 2nd common and the most popular sports activities in the Indian nation. Although the Indian football team is not recognized internationally, it is ranked at number nighty six in FIFA rankings. Moreover, India as a country has organized and hosted the FIFA U-17 of 2017 in the world. It is very vital to note that the football team is the second most and popular watched sport by the majority of Indian sports.


This game has been a popular sport in India for a long period of time. But remember that the Indian nation has not been a mighty nor a powerful force when it comes to the single event, but it has been doing well in the mixed and the double categories. Rohan Bopanna and Sania Mirza are the people who are recognized in inspiring the youth in India. Also, the Indian nation has other key players like Mahesh Bhupathi and Leander Paes who have added a positive value on this type of sports. All said and done, the Indian tennis team and individual players have earned awards in sports during the world or the international tournaments for the last few decades.


This type of sport is among the most popular sports in India especially for the last twenty years, due to the former world champion Anand Viswanathan and the chess grandmaster. It is very important to note that Anand is recognized as the hero among many Indian citizens. Dueto his rise in chess has inspired many people in India especially the young generation to participate in Chess sport. The game is governed and regulated by the All Indian Chess Federation.


For the last few years, this type of game has gained a lot of popularity in the Indian nation. Although it is not a common sport among the Indian people, it has a quite large number of fans. Formula one game has taken off and done well in India for the last few years. Note that the 1st formula driver competed in the year 2005. The 1st Formula 1 Indian Grand Prix took place back in the year 2011.


This type of sports is the most common watched game in the Indian nation. Most fans of wrestling game are young men and women especially the teenagers. WWE has continued to promote The Great Khali who is an Indian army officer who has turned to be a professional wrestler in order to attract more audience in India. Apart from films like Dangal which is base on the real-life history of the Indian wrestler, phot has also played a positive role in boosting the popularity of wrestling sport in India. Note that Indian wrestling team has recently won a bronze and two gold medals during the Asian games.


D:kedar3 Novimgasketball.jpg

A basketball game is common among Indian universities, middle-level colleges,and high school students. Additionally, there are young non students youngsters who are interested in this type of game as well. In India basketball is played by both the women and men of all different abilities and ages. It is governed and regulated by international basketball regulations and rules.

In conclusion, boxing and kabaddi sports are other popular games among Indian citizens. Are you interested to take part in the Indian most popular sports, you can consider applying for India e-visa now online, check this site out for more Information.

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