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Ways to Save on Legal Fees: How To Spot A Good Brain Injury Lawyer In Los Angeles

by Editor (editor), , November 03, 2018

Here’s how to spot a good brain injury lawyer who can best represent your rights in litigation.

People dealing with traumatic brain injuries often have difficulties facing some lifelong challenges. They’re usually in a state where coping with the loss of several mental and physical abilities becomes more challenging to them. In many cases, the financial costs of having a brain injury don’t seem to benefit the survivor’s family and loved ones. Thus if you or someone in your family has sustained a brain injury as a result of someone else’s wrongdoing, then you have the right to seek compensation from the part at fault through the help of a brain injury lawyer. If you’re living in Los Angeles, here’s how to spot a good brain injury lawyer who can best represent your rights in litigation.

Choosing The Best Lawyer: The Do’s and Don’ts

The idea of filing a lawsuit after you or your loved one has suffered an injury can be stressful but the thought of winning over the litigation can affect your future. And with an experienced brain injury lawyer on your side, you may not only able to give justice to what happened to you, but you may also able to recover a financial settlement. When selecting the right counsel for your situation, here are the do’s and don’ts you may need to consider from the very beginning.

1. Do’s

  • Prior trial results – You can have a good background check about your prospective brain injury lawyer if you get to ask their prior trial results in brain injury cases. Try to be more open about this information since it’s within your personal rights as a client to ask for it. Also, don’t be shy to inquire from the lawyer the number of jury verdicts that they have succeeded for their clients. That way, you can be able to know whether the lawyer isn’t afraid to fight for your rights in the interest of justice.
  • Years of experience – Apart from previous trial results, you also need to check the lawyer’s years of experience in handling brain injury cases. It’s important to figure out whether they really specialize in TBI and other areas of expertise. By getting to know the person who’ll represent you in court, you can be able to save money for your legal fees because you’ve got the right lawyer.
  • Meeting with the right lawyer – If you’re working with a law firm in Los Angeles, be sure that the lawyer you’ll meet will be the very person who will actually handle your case. This is to ensure that only an experienced and qualified brain injury lawyer will protect your rights against the complexities of brain injuries. That way, you’ll avoid spending an enormous amount of money on the wrong person who’s unfamiliar with your case.
  • Comfort and connection – It’s best to pick a lawyer whom you’re comfortable to work with. Make sure you establish a strong connection with your prospective lawyer so you can work with them harmoniously. Further, choose a lawyer whom you believe will do the right job for you and your family.
  • Communication – Hiring a brain injury lawyer can be beneficial when you’re exercising your legal rights. Thus, you should ensure you have a clear line of communication with your prospective brain injury lawyer. If possible, try to be honest and open about the details of your case so they can defend you properly in the litigation. So find a lawyer who can communicate and update you about the progress of your case because this is a clear indication that they’re focused on your brain injury case.
  • Charges and fees – This is one of the important considerations you should look into when spotting a good brain injury lawyer in Los Angeles. After all, getting legal representation means paying a considerable amount of money for the legal fees and other related charges. So before hiring a lawyer, be sure you ask about the fee structure. If it’s on a contingency basis, don’t forget to inquire about the percentage charged. Not only that but try to know the lawyer’s practice in terms of disbursements if applicable and necessary.

2. Don’ts

  • Refrain from working with a lawyer who can’t treat you with respect and with someone who doesn’t speak the same language with you in a way that you can’t clearly understand what they’re saying.
  • Even if the prospective lawyer is your relative or your friend’s relative, don’t ever hire them if they lack the necessary experience in conducting brain injury cases.
  • Don’t get attracted to lawyers who’ll promise you extraordinary results without even looking at the circumstances of your case. Also, try to avoid lawyers who keep on telling you how best they are in the field of personal injury.
  • Never consider a brain injury lawyer who doesn’t have time to discuss your case with you. If you believe they’re not focused on your case in such a way that they let interruptions to bother your meeting, let them go and look for other options.
  • Avoid choosing a lawyer who’s not transparent when it comes to their legal fees. Be careful with some lawyers who don’t give exact information about their fee structure. If they keep on telling you they have a good fee structure without discussing anything in detail, it’s a sign you need to find a better one.
  • Never work with a lawyer without having them interviewed. Remember, each brain injury lawyer has different legal abilities and knowledge. Thus, it’s best to interview at least two choices before hiring your lawyer.

Final Words

In most cases, hiring a lawyer means having the opportunity to educate yourself and your family about your legal options. If you or someone else in your family has sustained a traumatic brain injury, never hesitate to exercise your rights with the assistance of a top brain injury attorney Los Angeles. They can help you get the justice and compensation you rightfully deserve from the at-fault party. They are also there to guide you in every step of your journey toward full recovery. So get yourself protected by seeking legal representation from the best lawyers in Los Angeles.

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