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The Samsung Galaxy A9 – The First Quad-Camera Phone

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , October 30, 2018

The Samsung A9 made headlines when it was revealed that the phone sports four different cameras. Learn if the four cameras are worth the high asking price.

Samsung’s Galaxy A9

Mobile smart phone developer and producer Samsung has announced the release of their latest Galaxy flagship – the A9. For the most part, the A9 tends to have many of the same specs and features as other phones within its class, with one exception: it comes with four individual camera lenses.

The quad-camera system is the first of its kind, and while we haven’t quite seen the benefits of having more than one camera on the back of our phones, Samsung is currently pioneering the digital camera world, which means it’s worth taking notice.

The Galaxy A9’s Specs

AO: Octa Core – 2.2 GHZ Quad + 1.8GHz Quad

Memory – 6 GB Ram, 128 internal, with MicroSD slot capable of up to 51GB

Battery – 3800mAH

OS – Android 8.0

Network – 3CA, LTE Cat.9

Display – 6.3 Full HD+ Super AMOLED (1080-x2220)

The A9 is a fairly standard smartphone overall, and comes with many of the same specs as Samsung’s S9. The powerful Super AMOLED screen is a bonus, and should provide plenty of high quality user feedback, especially when it comes to mobile games and the online slots Canada has to offer.

The Cameras

The quad cameras are capable of taking ultra-wide 120 degree panoramic shots, and they all come featuring 2x optical zoom. Each one of the lenses makes up the A9’s complex camera system, which consists of 24MP PDAF, 10MB telephoto, 8MP ultra-wide, and 5MP depth sensors. All this together means that the cameras work in unison to calculate depth and to reproduce colour on a much wider spectrum. It also allows for an intricate series of shooting modes, which come with the standard Samsung camera modes present in their Galaxy range since the release of the S3. It’s ideal for avid photographers and those who just like getting great shots for Instagram.

Along with the camera, Samsung has include their Infinity Display, Samsung Pay, and their Bixby Assistant AI system. Release is expected to be around November 2018, and the phone will be available in Lemonade Blue, Bubblegum Pink, and Caviar Black.

Are Four Cameras Necessary?

This has been the question many reviewers and fans alike have pondered since the company announced the A9. Many feel that the extra camera is gimmicky, and that it doesn’t add too much to the quality of the pictures the phone can take, especially when compared to other smartphones in the same price bracket.

Many feel that the A9’s four cameras won’t be too much benefit to the average user. The main 24MP unit tends to have all the power necessary for just about any kind of photograph, and it’s unlikely that most people will make full use of the many features that Samsung has packed into the A9’s camera systems.

The phone is much more appealing to those who take photographs on a more professional level, and boasts an otherwise deeply technical photograph-capturing system that should appeal to those looking to improve their camera work. All-in-all, the A9 is a fairly solid smartphone, but is best avoided for those that want something on the cheaper side.

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