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Why BMX is an Up and Coming Sport

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , October 30, 2018

Consequently, here’s why BMX is an up and coming sport!

Some sports are more popular than others, and their popularity often lives or dies by the entertainment factor. Is it fun to partake in? Sometimes, more importantly, is it fun to watch too? Well, the answer ‘yes’ is slowly gaining traction regarding BMX, and it’s changing perceptions of the sport across the UK!

Consequently, here’s why BMX is an up and coming sport!

Olympic Interest

A sport isn’t really a sport until it features in the Olympics. Showcasing activities that push people to the peak of human capability, the Olympics are the go-to event for any sport worth its salt. Only the most impressive athletes show up, and each sport must be bold, brave and exciting if its going to pull in viewers and generate interest.

However, BMX has made appearances during the Olympics, which is showcases its serious status as bonified sport. It’s featured right alongside the classics; shotput, long jump, marathons and more. Numerous possibilities can spawn from this, such as fans trying it out for themselves to see what all the fuss is about. It’s exciting, and the thrills give longevity to any activity!

British Victories

Of course, there are other notable and exciting competitions other than the Olympics alone. For example, the European Championships generate a lot of buzz too, and create a lot of high stakes competition. Consequently, when you see your country do so well on a national scale, it can be tough to really suppress your pride. Even non-fans might feel elated by seeing their nation do so well!

This is exactly what happened at this years European Championships, as two British BMX competitors won both gold and silver during their race. It’s these kinds of inspirational victories that can really elevate moods and build up nationwide interest. Whether it’s something new for the older folks to be curious about or an exciting sport that kids can be inspired by, it all means great things for the future of the BMX sport.

Gender Inclusive

Unfortunately, many people look down on women’s sports and ensure they’re less popular due to this. They make claims that their efforts are ‘slower’, or that female participants are less skilled than their male counterparts. It’s a shame, because everyone who competes puts a great amount of work into their passion. When you start performing in big competitions, it’s no longer just a hobby, and every bit of support can go a long way in those kinds of environments.

After all, when people don’t believe in you and what you’re doing, it can seriously cripple your chances of succeeding. Am I worth the trouble? Does anyone even care about what I am doing here? These kinds of questions can distract any athlete and stop them from performing at the top of their game. Still, those who break this mould can come out the other side as heroes to many!

For instance, women are performing extremely well with the BMX, ignoring all the naysayers and defying all the stereotypes. Take 19 year old Bethany Shriever for example, who rose through the ranks to become the world junior BMX champion, a highly impressive feat. In an age where women are showing the world what they’re truly capable of, BMX racing is just another way to celebrate inclusivity and thus the appeal of the sport!

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