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5 College Keepsakes You Should Keep Forever

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , October 29, 2018

Here are 5 college keepsakes you should hold dear forever:

You may not realize it now, but one day you’ll look back on your college years and remember them as the best years of your life. At the very least, your college years will make up some of your most favorite memories. College life is something you only get to experience once in your lifetime, because once you graduate with your degree, you’re moving on and you’re likely never going back to college.

College is such a unique and memorable time in your life because it was during college that you likely got to discover who you truly are, try new things, and get a taste of what real independence and adulthood feels like. Some of your best friends were made in college and some of your best memories were made there, too.

You’ll want to remember your college years and hold on to those memories. This means that there are certain mementos and keepsakes from college that you should hold on to. There are certain things you acquire in college that you should keep, that you never throw away even when you’re downsizing or de-cluttering. These are the items that you’ll feel nostalgic when you look at, and fondly remember college life. College keepsakes hold incredible sentimental value, and you don’t want to graduate college without taking these things with you. Here are 5 college keepsakes you should hold dear forever:

1. Fraternity or Sorority Apparel

If you were part of a sorority or fraternity in college, be sure to keep at least one t-shirt or hoodie with your sorority or fraternity’s name on it. The classic Greek apparel from these special years in your life should stay in your closet to remind you of the friends you made, the bond you shared, and to remind you of college life in general. You’ll always want to hold sorority or fraternity memories dear, because of the special activities you participated in with them and the memorable experiences you got to be a part of. That’s why the custom sorority clothing or fraternity clothing that you got when you joined is a priceless college keepsake. 2. Photo Album

A real photo album (not a Facebook photo album) should be made to document the best memories of college life, and you should always keep this photo album. Look at it from time to time, relive the memories, and smile. In this photo album, you should have photos from your very first frat party, your first sports game, and your college graduation. Include photos of your favorite friends from college, your favorite hangouts on campus, and the best parties. If you want to go one step further and up your photo album game, you could even turn your photo album into a scrapbook. A scrapbook is a photo album that also has other mementos in it such as ticket stubs, notes, wristbands and

3. Mug

Before you graduate from college, you should definitely stop by the campus gift shop and buy a mug adorned with your school’s name and logo. Drinking coffee or tea out of this mug will make you feel nostalgic, and I guarantee it’ll become one of your favorite mugs to drink out of. Knowing that you bought it from your college during your college years makes it that much more special of a keepsake. One day, you might live in a trendy apartment with an open-concept kitchen where you have kitchen shelves without cupboards covering them. You might want to display your college mug proudly, so that you can always look at it, and drink out of it whenever you like.

4. College Apparel

In addition to keeping some fraternity or sorority apparel, you should also keep some general apparel from your college. Buy the logo sweatpants, the hoodie or the t-shirt and keep it forever. Sweatpants are perfect for lounging around the house in, and you’ll feel even more comfortable when you’re in your old college sweatpants because they remind you of the good days.

5. Framed Degree

When you graduate and you get a degree, you should always frame it. First of all, a framed degree is a very special keepsake from college. Second of all, framing your degree is actually the best way to preserve it. One day, you might hang your framed degree in your home or office, and always be reminded of what you accomplished.

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