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Here's how you can treat your child to greet people properly

by Editor (editor), , October 26, 2018

You are at the right place to find the perfect help on how to deal with children.

Ever wondered why we were taught to greet our teachers and various helpers at the school? As children, it is important to drill some sense into the mind, as children are much better at accepting certain things and making it a habit. The time of childhood is spent mostly acquiring knowledge and skills, that everyone hones when they grow up.

Greetings are a part of the personal training of a child. Most of the children learn basic manners at school and are expected to practice them at home. Furthermore, some of the qualities are also taught by the parents to their children.

In whatever way you look at it, every child must have a training lesson for greetings. In India, not only should the child know how to greet people in English but should also know how to greet people in Hindi, and should be able to use terms as “Su Prabhat” or “Shubh Ratri" to greet people with love and care.

How do I train my child to greet people?

Well, children are moody, and sometimes there is nothing harder than dealing with a child. If you wish to help your child learn some tricks on being polite

And you are at the right place to find the perfect help on how to deal with children.

  • Learn the Child Psyche

The point is that your children will not listen to you if they feel that you are forcing something on them. Sure, it may appear that you have good intentions and whatever you are doing is going to benefit them, but a child is too young to understand that. So, understand how the brain of your child works. There may be something your child enjoys or wants, help them find a better way to deal with your greetings.
Furthermore, you could even lure your child into learning how to greet people by offering them some of their favorite goodies.

  • Find a lucrative way of teaching your child

If you have ever spoken to a child or taught something to a child, you may already know that it is a humongous task. Most children have a curious mind, which is a good sign and a short attention span. However, you have a grey area where you can operate in, and you need to make the most out of it. Since young children are still developing their minds and brains, you would need to find the best way to keep them engaged and to offer them the much-required education on greeting people.

Furthermore, you should try finding some educational cartoons that are bright and fun to watch for kids. Kid channels offer shows such as Dora: The Explorer, and other types of funny shows that also teach your kid while they grow.

  • Understand your child

Every child is different. Even if you have two kids, and one of them is excelling at learning how to greet people, you need to know that you cannot compare the two. The reason being, it would only make the child not want to do it. Apart from this, focus on the holistic growth of the two. Instead of butting the two siblings or two different children together, find a way to have both of them help each other.

  • Follow your own Voice

It is no secret that children follow what they see. Whether it is a mother or a father, they will always do what the adults are doing, and that is just how things are. So, if you are trying to knock some education about greeting people into the brain of your little one, you need to be sure that you follow what you preach.
The reason behind this is, when the child, whether yours or someone else’s, sees you do the same while you teach them, it would make it easy for them to relate to it. Furthermore, the children will begin to look up to you and will automatically follow your lead. Apart from this, you know how it goes, children take after the adults they like and look up to, be that adult and motivate the child.

Find the time to be nice and find the time to follow your own voice when you teach a child to greet others. Understand what your child is looking for and figure out a way to teach them how to greet equals, adults and the elderly.

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