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Things You Should Avoid While Creating a Packaging Design

by Alice Jakson (writer), , November 12, 2018

We see some innovations in the packaging designs every year. From milk bottles to food bags, there have always been some remarkable changes in storing and selling of products.

Though the shape and function of packaging are important, design too has a great value in the success of a product.

Companies are spending a lot of time and money in creating a perfect product. But they still view packaging as an afterthought. When it comes to advertising, packaging plays an important role. It is what lures a customer to make a purchase decision. While an attractive packaging design can increase the sales, a poor packaging can increase the risk of loss of sales.

So what makes packaging “good”? It’s true that not all products are packed in pleasant and attractive packaging design. Many of them fail to mark their presence in the modern day highly competitive marketplace. Almost all designers must experience some significant packaging design mistakes sooner or later in their career. It becomes essential for graphic designers to refrain from making such embarrassing mistakes to help businesses to save time and money. Ensuring you won’t go on the dark side of the packaging, there are certain things that you should avoid while creating a packaging design:

Design Mistake #1: Packaging that is difficult to open: This is the most common mistake that customers do against packaging. If your customers require a knife or a blowtorch to open your product, it means there is something wrong with the packaging. No matter how good your product is, unbreakable packaging will risk the loss of sales.

C:\Users\Priyanka\Desktop\Packaging-HardtoOpen.pngC:\Users\Priyanka\Desktop\difficult to open.jpg

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Design Mistake #2: Terrible Spelling & Translation: You might have noticed the spelling, grammar or terminology errors in a lot of product packaging, bilingual restaurant menu, and service directory of the hotel room. How did they make you feel about the business? You may feel that they don’t care about the impression it will make on customers. Some bad translations can also make for a good laugh among friends and colleagues. It can also can lead to misunderstanding and arguments.
C:\Users\Priyanka\Desktop\Language error.jpgC:\Users\Priyanka\Desktop\packaging error.jpg

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Design Mistake #3: Packaging design that’s confusing: Many brands come up with the product line extensions. They introduced the product with almost the same packaging design with a minor or less noticeable difference. This makes hard for the customers to choose the product. Your packaging design should be such that it can easily be differentiated from your other products of the same category.

C:\Users\Priyanka\Desktop\Product differentiation.jpg

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Design Mistake #4: Bad Placement: Sometimes the placement of apparently irrelevant things can really throw off the whole design. As in the case of Pampers', the pull of handles is poorly placed that gives a funny but poor image of the brand. C:\Users\Priyanka\Desktop\Worst Packaging.jpg

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Design Mistake #5: Outdated designs: There is a difference between vintage and old design. If the packaging design is too old and is no longer satisfying the customers’ expectations, it’s time to change the packaging. An Outdated design may carry some nostalgia, but it's probably been wasting of packaging material and giving your company an old appearance.

C:\Users\Priyanka\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\old packaging.pngC:\Users\Priyanka\Desktop\cataphil-lotion.jpg

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Design Mistake #6: Misleading Packaging Designs: We all have faced the situation where we have bought something just because of misleading packaging, e.g. a bag of chips. We might have bought a big bag of chips thinking of it having more quantity, but sometimes it happens that the bag has mostly air. What a disappointment it is! It happens with many other products as well. Consumers will never like to be cheated or mislead. The packaging design should be such that it appropriately represents what's inside.


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Design Mistake #7: Excess packaging: The key feature of every packaging is to secure the product and make it look attractive. To achieve this goal, many companies are doing excessive packaging. But the fact is that excessive packaging is terrible. Don't waste space of your store shelf and money!

C:\Users\Priyanka\Desktop\Excessive packaging.jpgC:\Users\Priyanka\Desktop\7a6bd7a1713cc96725e09e8976a32082.jpg

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Design Mistake #8: No White Space: White space refers to the area between the design elements. It is a great way to highlight the design elements and arrange the content for better visual communication experience.
C:\Users\Priyanka\Desktop\No White Space.jpg


A product’s packaging is not merely a wrapping but it does communicate several things such as why the customer should purchase the product. It has become one of the significant elements for the success of a brand. The packaging design should be such that it conveys all the relevant information to the consumers in a right way and motivates them to buy the product. All these mistakes can easily be avoided. Ignoring the blunders mentioned above may adversely affect your brand.

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