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They succeed even without Michael Phelps

?For many years, the two entrepreneurs have been selling the successful products of Master Spas in the field of wellness.

For many years, the two entrepreneurs have been selling the successful products of Master Spas in the field of wellness. For many years, the werbewächtige figure behind the products Michael Phelps. The successful Olympian was known worldwide for his excellent performance as a swimmer, but has recently become discredited for his private life and various excesses, which is why Master Spas decided not to move on with Michael Phelps and stop promoting his own products to let. It was feared that the discredited athlete could cause damage to the image of the products and the company, which was understandably to be avoided in any case.

A product stood in the advertisement with this special athlete and its exception achievements in the center, the Swim Spa Switzerland. These are basins that can either be set up alone on the terrace or in your own garden or sunk in the ground, as is the case with conventional pools, but this was rarely desired. Through an integrated water flow with different intensity levels, it was possible to actively swim in this pool and even scratch, without having to touch the edge of the pool. This type of pool was therefore a real innovation in the pool area, because previously you had to invest in the garden a large pool to be able to swim actively and not after 3 trains again at the other end of the pool to be, which is not really an active and successful training was beneficial. Here you have the great advantage that you can train and do it in a small space but very effective. This also made it possible for customers with a small space or those with a garden to give a product in the hand, without the whole green area was blocked by a pool. What was previously only possible for customers who had a very large plot of land can now also have customers who, for example, only have a smaller green space or a terrace.

Because of the appealing design and the functionality in the background, the pelvis is not perceived as a disruptive factor, which speaks in favor of any acquisition. Since it was only understandable that one wanted to attract a successful swimmer for the advertisement of this kind basin, which one had also found with Michael Phelps. But due to the many advantages it does not necessarily need this today, which is why the risk after the adventures of the athletes escapades was too great to continue the cooperation. If you want to buy as a whirlpool, you can still turn to these two professionals who have much more to offer in the field of wellness and beyond. After all, the two professionals are also on the road in the area of heating Solothurn and also offer accessories such as the water softener BWT, which is often required. You can also buy here the new shower toilet Lapreva, from an absolutely quality-oriented brand, which enjoys great popularity among its customers. This is usually purchased in the course of a renovation and blends in perfectly with a bathroom Talsee, for example, which are very similar in design and style and complement each other wonderfully. So if you are interested in Sanitär Solothurn, you can also get advice on a Whirlpool Master Spas.

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