Using essential oils for healing your health – What are the types that you may choose?

Someone who is using essential oils for the first time will tend to ask what he is supposed to do with it. There are many who buy bottles of essential oil brands but they don’t have any idea about how they should be used apart from the fact that they should take off the caps and take a quick sniff. If you too are someone who is not pretty sure about how you can use essential oil to heal your body and several ailments, you’ve clicked on the right post as we’re going to discuss about several essential oils and how they can cure ailments.

Whenever your kid falls ill, don’t you think it is best to find some instant remedies to cure all ailments? What if someone trips over and scrapes himself or if someone gets an itchy bite or if someone’s belly hurts while having dinner? What should you immediately do when such little things happen?

What is the healing compound found in essential oils?

It is seemingly interesting and appealing to learn that phytochemicals is the main things which give the essential oil its smell and also offers the healing capability. While there are multiple kinds of plant-based chemicals or phytochemicals inside each drop of essential oil, science is starting to learn how each phytochemical can work properly in the human body. Keeping that in mind, there are many more things which haven’t been proved abut phytochemicals and essential oils.

Ketones, a type of phytochemical which is found in essential lavender oil, hyssop, patchouli and it helps in stimulating regeneration of cells, liquefying mucous and possessing few calming properties. Then there are aldehydes which are found in Melissa, lemongrass essential oil and citronella which tends to be anti-inflammatory or anti-viral. One more type of oil which is Emu Tracks Emu oil, is replete with the best anti-inflammatories from nature and which is used in managing different types of skin conditions and joint issues.

Quality of essential oil varies – What are the types?

The phytochemical constituent of an essential oil will usually vary from one plant to another, even if you take them from the same farm. Harvesting methods, the conditions used while growing the plants and also the time of the day during which the plant was harvested will have an impact on the content of the oil. For example, if you take into account the ylang ylang flowers, their content of essential oil is best only if they’re collected between 12 a.m at night and 9 a.m in the morning.

We are sharing this with you because we want you to understand that essential oils, in case you’re using them for rejuvenating your health, usually come from a trustworthy company. You have to make sure the essential oils which are being bought are all grown organically. The company should have a clear idea on how they should distill the oils which they sell and whether or not they’re not using the chemicals which are extracted during the process. If you seem to rely on any bottle which reads ‘pure’, you’re going to fall in trouble.

Can you use peppermint oil for stomach aches?

Whenever you suffer from tummy problems like cramps, bloating, gas or upset stomach, you can rub peppermint oil on your tummy to feel relieved from the disturbances. As per research, peppermint oil has got properties which can reduce all sorts of spasms found inside the digestive tract and hence whenever it is rubbed on the skin, it plays the role of a pain reliever. You can mix 1 teaspoon of coconut oil along with 2 drops of peppermint oil.

Using eucalyptus oil for curing stuffy nose

Whenever you find the sniffles coming, you can take resort to eucalyptus oil as this brings in enough relief. Regardless of whether it’s caused by cold, flu or sinus problems or even allergies, eucalyptus oil also works in breaking up mucous and phlegm to simplify the process of breathing. All you need to do is to breathe in the eucalyptus oil through a diffuser. It works great against those viruses which lead to illness and infection.

Using tea tree oil for cuts and scrapes

Tea tree oil is said to be a worthy antiseptic and it can prevent fungus, infections and bacteria from entering the scrape to lead to a bigger issue. Nevertheless, before you begin to use tea tree oil, make sure you do a little bit of patch test to ensure there’s no such reaction. If everything seems to be fine, you can use it to keep your body and skin healthy. It has got antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties and it is a rather perfect remedy for nail fungus.

While there are few ways in which you can use essential oils, you shouldn’t be too scared to try out various other methods. The first thing that you require doing is to use them daily so that you can boost your health with the help of the genie in the bottle.