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10 Tips to liven up your ideas with Power Point 2010

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , October 16, 2018

It is likely little will change from those versions released for Office 2016. You can Get office 2019 at SoftwareKeep.

Throughout the month we have invited you to discover how to bring your ideas to life with the different tools of Office 2010. This week we conclude with the latest tool in the suite: Power Point 2010, the creator of presentations used by students, teachers, professionals and even children, the new 2010 version offers more ways than ever to create and share dynamic presentations. New and striking visual and audio capabilities will help you tell a story with almost cinematic quality, as easy to create as it is attractive to watch. In addition, now PowerPoint 2010 allows you to work simultaneously with other people or publish the presentation online and get access to it from virtually anywhere, either through the Web or a smartphone. Microsoft has said nothing about releasing new versions of Office 2019, and based off recent Office history, it is likely little will change from those versions released for Office 2016. You can Get office 2019 at SoftwareKeep.

1. Greater impact and visual energy to your presentations.

Save time and money by applying sophisticated photo effects without the need to use additional photo editing programs. Transform images using new and improved image editing features. You can modify saturation and color temperature, brightness, contrast. It also has an advanced clipping tool. In addition, Power Point 2010 has artistic filters such as defocus, brush and watercolor. Edit your images and make them exactly as you need them.

2. Work with other users without having to wait your turn.

PowerPoint 2010 redefines the way you collaborate. Through co-authorship, people in different locations can simultaneously edit the same presentation. In addition, you can use Office Communicator to see the availability of the other people who are creating the presentation and easily start a conversation without leaving PowerPoint. Ideal for team work.

3. Add a personalized video experience.

Embed and edit video files directly in PowerPoint 2010. Easily crop to show only relevant sections, or add markers at key points in the video for quick access to them. You can also trigger an animation to start automatically when you reach those markers, as well as specify that the video appear and disappear, in addition to applying a variety of video styles and effects (for example, reflections, bevels, 3D rotation). With these new features, you can quickly capture the attention of your audience.

4. Imagine a presentation in a timely manner.

Disseminate your PowerPoint 2010 presentations by sending a URL so that people can see your presentation on the Web. Recipients can view the slides in high fidelity, even if they do not have PowerPoint. You can also convert the presentation into a high quality video with narration.

5. Get access to your presentations from more locations and on more devices.

Publish your presentations online and then view and edit them online or on a Windows Phone 7 phone:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint Web App: Extend the experience to the Web and enjoy high quality views and full screen, store and edit your work when you are away from your PC.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Mobile 2010: Stay updated and make immediate edits using the enhanced mobile version of PowerPoint, tailored specifically for Windows Phone 7.

6. Create high-quality presentations with great graphics.

You will no longer need to be a design expert to create professional looking graphics. Use the dozens of additional SmartArt® designs to create flow charts, lists, image diagrams, and infinite possibilities to explain what you need to present in the best possible way. Transform the words into attractive images that illustrate your ideas better. Create diagrams as simply as writing a bulleted list or converting text and images into a diagram with just a few clicks.

7. Captivate the audience with new transitions and enhanced animations.

The new slide transitions, now more dynamic and with new animation effects, present a similar appearance to the graphics seen on television. Get access to a preview of the animations and you can apply, customize or replace them with ease. You can also use the new features to easily copy an animation from one object to another.

8. Organize and print your slides in a more efficient way.

Easily organize slides by sections: divide a presentation into logical slide groups, rename sections to facilitate content management (for example, to assign slides to a specific author) or easily print a single section of the presentation.

9. Complete tasks more quickly.

The new Microsoft Office Backstage ™ view replaces the traditional File menu to allow you to save, share, print and publish presentations with just a few clicks, with the enhanced ribbon, you can access your favorite commands. Create your own cards or adapt existing ones to customize them for your work style.

10. Works in several presentations and several monitors.

PowerPoint 2010 offers you a totally independent window for each presentation that opens. In addition, you can view and edit several presentations independently, in parallel or even on independent monitors.

Whether you're creating the most important presentation of your career, working as a team or on the go, Power Point 2010 gives you the ability to work more easily and flexibly to meet your goals.

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