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If you do not want to give the TV too much space

by kelifornia (writer), , October 30, 2018


Of course, there is more than ever the manufacturers' view of design today.

Of course, there is more than ever the manufacturers' view of design today. Crea TV Ruckstuhl has also recognized that there are customers who, despite the design of the new devices, do not find this beautiful when the TV optically occupies so much space and would rather hide it. The problem is that there are few opportunities to do so. Unless you decide to put the TV over and over again after use to another place where you can not see it anymore.

But honestly, who would do that, if you want to watch TV spontaneously, to start getting the device back up and rebuilding and connecting. Especially since it is very difficult and this makes the whole project very tedious and time-consuming, which is why most people then decide against it and settle for having the TV always in his place. But these times are over now, because the company has developed a TV coverage Switzerland, which combines both. On the one hand you can make the TV disappear in a simple way and meadow and on the other hand you do not have to carry it around laboriously in the area to reach the destination. It used to be futile to look for an alternative to achieve this but never found it. As a rule, customers first tried it with a possible TV cabinet Switzerland, but this would be, even if one has found one, so bulky and huge that the sight was even more unbearable and massive, as if you just watching the TV on a TV Bank, which is why most customers have decided to do so. For who wants to have a huge TV furniture Switzerland in the middle of the living room, if then everyone knows that is hidden in the TV. However, these companies have found a very creative way to avoid this. By attaching the TV to the wall, surrounding it with a frame of the appropriate size, and providing an automatic mechanism within the frame that causes a screen to pop up and down in front of the unit, a very nice solution could be found, especially as the screen is ever could be printed to taste. In this way, not only visually disappeared the TV from the living Wohnzimmer Schweiz, but it was added a beautiful screen and a unique frame, which could additionally support the style of the room, which greatly appreciate the customers. You also have the opportunity to change the canvas, if you think after a few years, you would like to have a change.

And this happens relatively often, because customers often decide already when buying the product for several variants that they can then change at will and always bring new wind visually in the room, without much effort and a lot of time to use it , It is therefore recommended to any customer, if you feel disturbed by the TV at home, here to find out about the possibilities of such coverage.

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