Google Ranking: 5 Reasons Why your Ranking is Dropping

Google Ranking: 5 Reasons Why your Ranking is Dropping

So you’re checking your rank on google when it dawns on you: Your rank just drop. A rank drop happens to everyone. All the more, the best sites can’t keep up a perfect performance all the time. Nobody is insusceptible to this, and the reasons for the drops might be easy to disregard.

When your rank drops, it is normal for a webmaster to panic and think things over for too long. When your rankings in Google dropped unexpectedly, don’t fret. It is not the end of everything. The good thing is that you can change and it improve it for the better.

There are tons of reasons why a website has been or is declining. It may be because of a recent algorithm update, etc. For a little help, here’s a list of the possible reasons why your site’s rankings and traffic is dropping.

There Are Glitches on Your Website

A website error can, like it or not, dissipate all of your hard-earned users, followers, or audience in a day. As such, know the cause of these errors that are infesting your website right away.

Is it a broken link? Is it a server issue? Is it a broken image? Or is it a page that does not exist? Whatever the reason may be, it’d be best to fix it immediately. These examples are perhaps the most typical errors a site can have that are easy to fix.

Maybe your site’s problem is clear and understandable enough that you only need to do a technical audit. Be sure to regularly scan your website to discover whatever issues it may have. Once you have identified the errors, go ahead and get rid of them. If successful, your rankings will surely return to normal.

Recent Google Algorithm Update

Keep in mind that your website may drop in rankings even if you haven’t done a single thing. Though you’re not looking for trouble, the problem will always find you. By that we mean, a drop in rankings may be because of a recent Google algorithm update.

When you observe an unexpected drop in your site rankings and traffic, go to various SEO sites. It's because there may be news spreading about a potential Google algorithm update. Remember, Google tends to be timid about the changes and updates that cause problem despite releasing new updates daily.

For that reason, webmasters are left to find solutions on their own. Meaning, they presumably will not know what actions to do, though they know what’s happening.

If you’re fortunate enough, most hard-working webmasters will announce that their websites dropping down in ranking through a particular pattern. If there is indeed a pattern, know that this can mean lots of feasible solutions. The bottom line here is to keep your ears and eyes out about what Google’s have been up to or some recent Google updates.

Website Speed

The speed of your site can have a significant impact on your brand. Nearly half of all web users expect a website to load in at most 2 seconds. If it exceeds the ideal loading time, users are likely to leave a site.

If web users keep abandoning your website, it’ll, whether you like it or not, hurt your rankings. For that reason, always check your site speed. There are a lot of tools available on the Internet that you can use. If your site’s loading speed is slow, consider compressing images and HTML codes. Also, equip your mobile version with the AMP protocol.

Changed or Removed Internal Links

We all know that external links can drastically impact a page’s rank in Google. That goes the same for the internal link as well. Have you changed or taken out any internal links on your website just recently? If so, then this may be the reason why your rankings are dropping.

For this matter, what step you take next relies on how significant those adjustments were. If you did not mean to remove the internal links, you could put them back to their previous state.

Of course, take note that it these link may not be as authoritative as they were because, technically speaking, they are new links. As such, you may need to add more internal links aside from the links that you will be restoring.

Wrong Keywords

Perhaps the cause of the rank drop is that you have the wrong keywords. With that in mind, consider trying other keywords to rank for in search engines. Changing your keywords is, without a doubt, a difficult task. You may need to change the whole set of keywords for this matter.

For a much easier process, take note of the keywords that bear poor results. Stop tracking such keywords and look for new ones. Take advantage of tools like Google’s Keyword Planner and


Website ranking and traffic is essential for any ventures with an online presence. If you rank high in search engines and if more and more people visit your site, the higher the possibility that your brand will be, for the most part, well-known. And above all sell whatever you are marketing.

If you notice or observed your traffic and rankings dropping, be sure to know the cause and fix it as soon as possible. Look for an SEO service company that can help you out if things get messy.