Dubai to show its “wild side” in an upcoming documentary

Whenever one mentions Dubai, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is the rich tradition and the beautiful infrastructure around the city. What most people are not aware of is the fact that the city is also home to a wide variety of wildlife species that makes it one of the most popular habitats for unique wildlife organisms – be it animals or even reptiles.

The documentary, which is named “Wild Dubai” is going to uncover the underlying aspects of wildlife and often hidden species of wildlife that people wouldn’t know of otherwise. This specific documentary is being done under the collaboration between the Government of Dubai Media Office and Discovery Channel in perspective to screen and explore the wildlife around the city of Dubai.

So, if you have been planning for some kind of fishing in dubai, it is time to reschedule the itinerary and go watch some other forms of animals instead. In this documentary, as the research and exploration have continued, the authorities behind the project have exclaimed that this global metropolis is actually home to a wide range of unique animal species that not many people are often even aware of.

The film has been shot and is currently ready to be premiered in the different states and cities all over the Middle East on OSN on October 09, 2018. It is going to be a complete documentary of the unexplored and unique wildlife around the city that not many are even aware of. The complete documentary is expected to be around 45 minutes in general which is a pretty standard time for the same.

In lieu of this, the Director General of Dubai Media Office, Mona Al Marri, further exclaimed stating that they are very delighted to have collaborated with Discovery Channel to bring forth this new side of Dubai to the entirety of the Middle East and possibly to the entire world shortly.

While people stay hooked to the materialistic aspects of Dubai, they tend to miss out on some of the most important parts of it – the nature and wildlife and this documentary are meant to highlight just that. Preserving the biodiversity of the nation is what implants the place to have a better future and the authorities behind have been very persistent stating that they hope this documentary will not just be a form of entertainment but will also let people see a different side of Dubai.

Commenting on the documentary, the Vice President and the General Manager of the Discovery Middle East and Africa, Amanda Turnbull stated that this documentary is the part of Discovery entailing their stories to reach the masses. It will put Dubai into a new light, one that’s not seen or explored by many.

The documentary is set to showcase some of the uncovered species of animals, not seen in the Middle East before like Arabian horned viper, flamingos, scorpions,and mice. Apart from Dubai, this 45-minute documentary is set to be aired internationally across Europe, Africa,and Asia as well.