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Systems that are appreciated by gastronomy companies

by kelifornia (writer), , October 22, 2018


?Hogatex Fenner AG is well-known in the hotel and catering industry for systems that make the billing and flow of goods in these companies comprehensible in an excellent way.

Hogatex Fenner AG is well-known in the hotel and catering industry for systems that make the billing and flow of goods in these companies comprehensible in an excellent way. Therefore, it is not surprising that many gastronomic companies are only too happy to use these systems and are also happy to accept the enrollment service. The company carries out more advanced training courses for employees on site and under real-life conditions of the day-to-day business. This enables all persons to gain comprehensive knowledge of the functionalities and possibilities of the systems and to be able to use them skilfully and professionally. Although some time must be allocated to the training and the employees are released from the service, this investment pays realtively quickly, as errors are effectively avoided and therefore accounting in the accounts is hardly necessary. It is also a not inconsiderable added value for the respective company, if the employees know about all available functions, because these are not only numerous but sometimes also complex, so that only the correct handling can really lead to success.

Above all, he Swiss hotel software will be offered a multitude of possibilities and more comprehensive systems than those used in the catering industry. Here it is a concern that this is already required due to the higher diversity of the company's offer. Is this not only about the pure hospitality but mostly to the settlement and traceability of entertainment and accommodation of usually several people in different Zimmerm over a longer period of time. All this information about the guests has to be arranged, managed and prepared for the long term. As part of the analysis, they serve as the basis for a more customer-oriented orientation in the tapping and serving of guests.

In Switzerland's restaurant software, in addition to the consumption of goods, inputs and shrinkage in the inventory are usually taken into account, referring to the consumption and sale of dishes. Therefore, a large number of employees per company should be well versed in the handling of the system and should be able to transfer this knowledge to persons entering the company later on.

Anyone planning, implementing and offering Sytseme in the area of IT Hotel Switzerland should therefore know the problems, challenges and specifics of the industry precisely and down to the last detail. That is also the reason why Hogatex Fenner AG is such a reliable partner, because that is exactly what makes the company strong. In addition, the numerous and regular employee training courses at the hotels and restaurants create a non-disruptive feedback stream from the real world, which is absolutely vital in the further development and reorganization of systems. It helps minimize errors and better meet the needs of enterprises from update to update. This happens in part so well that the question of whether you want to switch to other systems as an operation, is directly and unequivocally answered with a clear no.

Even when choosing the Kassensysteme Schweiz put the hotels and restaurants on the offer of this company, because once you have taken confidence and this was never disappointed, it would be questionable just here to switch to an alternative provider.

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