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How to Protect your Car Against the Threat of Damage or Theft

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , September 10, 2018

Here’s some ideas on how this can be achieved:

There’s no doubt that car theft represents one of the most prolific crimes in the modern age, and one that has become increasingly prevalent over the last two years.

This has much to do with the fact that thieves are able to call upon increasingly sophisticated technology, with relay boxes used to unlock keyless entry systems without triggering a vehicles’ alarm.

The rate of car theft and vandalism certainly increased noticeably between 2016 and 2017, placing the onus on motorists to safeguard their vehicles in a more effective way. Here’s some ideas on how this can be achieved:

Get the Right Insurance

Even if you’re able to secure your vehicle and make it largely impervious to the risk of theft, it’s extremely difficult to safeguard it against damage or vandalism.

In this instance, you’ll need the right type and level of insurance coverage to provide a reactive solution, as you look to protect your vehicle against deliberate acts of vandalism and recover the necessary costs. This can be tricky with standard insurance policies, as they tend to class acts of vandalism as at-fault claims cannot apportion blame accurately.

This means that you may need to seek out insurance providers that offer tailored or more comprehensive policies, which protect your no-claims bonus in relation to vandalism.

Similarly, dealerships that leave a large number of vehicles on their forecourts at night should take steps to insure these assets. There are specialist motor trade insurance policies that can provide such coverage, so the key is to find the product that best suits you.

Invest in Comprehensive Security

If you park one or more cars on you driveway, they’re at greater risk of being vandalised by passers-by.

You can minimise the risk by installing adequate insurance coverage at the front of your house, including a security light and a visible camera. The former is a sensor that will be triggered when people step on your drive at night, while the latter could well serve as an effective deterrent for the most opportunistic vandals.

You may also want to install a viable and functional alarm system, and one that will provide an audible alert whenever someone tries to breach the front of your property in a bid to steal keys.

Remove Decorations that Cause your Car to Stand out

It’s probably fair to surmise that most acts of vandalism are opportunistic, meaning that offenders will not necessary identify or target vehicles ahead of time.

With this in mind, you can protect your car by removing any eye-catching decorations, ensuring that it does not stand out or catch the eye of potential vandals.

Similarly, try to avoid any expensive items of technology or hardware from your vehicles. This could cause opportunists to damage your car in an attempt to gain entry and steal your goods, so this risk should be avoided wherever possible.

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