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How to a Choose an Expert for Better Writing

by Editor (editor) , September 08, 2018

Here are the factors that you must consider while hiring an expert academic writer for your papers.

Considering writing elaborate papers can be quite monotonous at times, many of you end up neglecting your written assignments altogether or submitting poor papers. Since your grades depend on the quality of the written assignments that you submit, you have to put in a lot of effort to score the desired grades. With the burden of so many tasks on you, it is quite impossible for you to devote special attention to each assignment. On top of that, you have to deal with your regular coursework and prepare for multiple exams that have a significant impact on your overall grade.

However, with an influx of custom assignment writing services that are just a click away, you can easily hire a custom writer to save both the time and stress involved. But do you know what the biggest challenge is? It is even more challenging to weed out the bad custom writers from the good ones. Finding individuals who can complete your task and deliver it on time can be tricky. When you pick a paper writer, it comes with an added stress of uncertainty. Whether the writer is a good one is a thing that you must find out before opting for the services.

Moreover, you know the gamble of choosing an inefficient writer, right? Your grades may end up suffering! Now you wouldn't want that, would you?

Instead of running the risk of receiving poor quality writings, you should be able to watch out and choose a reliable expert who can help you with writing!


Here are the factors that you must consider while hiring an expert academic writer for your papers.

1. Experience in Writing

Writing is an art that can be mastered only after years of practice. Therefore, you need to choose a ghostwriter who has been working as an academic writer for quite some time now. Only an experienced writer will be aware of the various formats and structures of different types of academic papers and will be able to know which one to use and when.

2. Good Delivery Record

You must go through the orders delivered by the expert of your choice. You can also check the reviews earned by him or her. If a writer has a lot of revisions to his/her name, you might want to avoid such a writer. Anna Goldman, a member of the Recruiting Panel of MyAssignmentHelp, says, "The reviews should be the best way to judge the reliability of an academic writer. Always go for writers who have timely deliveries and at least a 4-star rating.”

3. Appropriate Writing Skills.

Even academic papers call for excellent writing skills. Now you must remember that writing skills have nothing to do with experience. A writer with a decade-long experience can deliver poor quality papers without the appropriate writing skills. When I say writing skills, I do not mean that the writer must have a great vocabulary. No, academic writing has little to do with flowery language. What I mean is that an academic expert should have the basic knowledge of grammar and should be able to write papers in an accurate tone.

4. Should have a Specialized discipline

Trust me when I say that you would not want to hire a writer who is a Jack of all trades but master of none. No one on this earth can have knowledge of all the diverse branches of academics. You cannot really expect a person with a degree in Comparative Literature to write your assignment on metaphysics, right? While trying to hire a custom writer, you will come across writers who will offer to do both your English as well as you mathematics assignments. DO NOT HIRE THEM, unless of course you want plagiarised papers delivered to you.

If you are wondering, "Who can do my assignment for me?" – Then you do not have to worry anymore, because there are thousands of such online service providers. But the tricky part is to hire an academic writer who is skilled, qualified and reliable.

Now that we have talked about the factors to consider, here are some of the qualities in an expert writer that you should check before you hire one for your assignment!


Since writing is a part of academics, you just cannot avoid assignments. However, you can hire a good academic writer who can help you cope with the academic pressure. How do you determine who a good writer is?

Here are some qualities of every good academic writer!

Knows How to Write Well

This is no surprise of course. What I actually mean to say is that an academic writer should have a proper understanding of grammar and should be able to structure sentences in a way that they are easy to understand and equally relevant. Be it any form of writing; the writer should be dynamic enough to be able to abide by the accepted rules of grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation. And above all, he or she should love to write.

Should be attentive to the requirements of an assignment

A good academic writer should be all ears to the client's requirements for an assignment. Thousands of students hire academic writers to do their papers for them. Needless to say, each and every student has specific needs. So, an expert writer must know how to write assignments and papers according to the needs of the clients. Otherwise, he or she has to work on revisions and make alterations.

Reliability and Professionalism

When it comes to being an academic writer, integrity and sincerity are very important. A good academic writer can keep the faith of the clients by delivering top-notch projects. They should be professional and maintain complete secrecy of the information related to the client’s order. Also, when you hire an expert writer, he or she should make it a point to deliver your assignments right before the deadline.

Should be against Plagiarism

You already know how detrimental plagiarism can be when it comes to written tasks. Plagiarism, when detected, can ruin your academic career and jeopardise your reputation. A custom writer should have zero tolerance for piracy and should be dedicated enough to produce only authentic and unique content for your assignments. He or she should have proper work ethics and provide well researched and correct information in the papers.

Lastly, an excellent academic writer is dutiful and knows how to deliver assignments that are sure to fetch you good grades.

Education these days has become quite stressful, and that is precisely why most students are resorting to external help from custom writers. Taking assistance from the expert writers is beneficial in more than one ways. The assignments written by a good academic writer scores good grades because of relevant information, correct formatting and authentic contents among others. This ensures that you get better grades on submitting such impressive assignments.

So, if you think you lack the penchant for writing and if you find written tasks quite an overwhelming thing to do, then opting for professional assistance is the best way for you. Take our word and consider the above factors and qualities to search and hire an expert who can help you in writing your tasks. So what are waiting for? Hire a writer today and bid farewell to all your academic woes!

Author Bio: Nathan William is a professor who trains nurses and extends academic help for difficult papers on clinical reasoning cycle to students pursuing Nursing. He provides academic assistance to students who seek for help at Besides being a blogger, he is a fitness freak as well.

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