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Four Excuses For Bunking Work & Staying In Bed Today

by Editor (editor), , September 04, 2018

Here are four tried and tested reasons that you should bunk work today.

When you were at school, you were told not to play hooky, to go to your lessons and do your homework. It’s likely you cut a class once or twice, but you would have been warned that it won’t be tolerated in the workplace: and rightly so. No one likes that person who is never in to contribute. However, we’ve all been in the position where we wake up in the morning and we just can’t. We cannot muster the strength to get into the stuffy suit and stand on the subway in the stuffy heat for an hour only to go to a stuffy boardroom with other stuffy people in stuffy suits. We. Just. Can’t.

You don’t want to waste time saying that you feel ill, because this is a short-lived excuse and what if you need proof? Plus, no one has the time or the energy to bother faking it a day or two in advance. Right now, you’re lying in bed and contemplating ditching work for the day. Maybe you need to buy new furniture for your house, which, incidentally you can do from said bed with this link and a multitude of other online options. Maybe it’s a sunny day out there and you really could use some vitamin D. Regardless of the reason, you’re human. But you also must be clever about what you say to your boss. So, in the interest of science, here are four tried and tested reasons that you should bunk work today. (NB: We take no responsibility to the fall out of these awesome ideas).

  • I Deserve It. This one requires a little bit of work on your behalf. For a week or two, come in an hour earlier and go an hour later, and negotiate a ‘duvet day’ with your boss to be taken. If you’ve worked your socks off for a week or so, then the day of rest is well-deserved. Plus, while it feels like ditching, it’s not really, because they said yes. Conscience eased!
  • I’m Meeting A Client. The aim is to avoid a stuffy office, right? So, if your job allows for it, arrange to meet a client for a breakfast meeting or golf game. Pick a client you like and have a day of fun away from the office. It’s all for work, right?
  • I’m Seeing The Doctor. This is always a good one, because what if you don’t mind going into work but you just don’t want to hit the commute? Book an appointment for early in the day, then call in and ask to work from home for the afternoon. Genius.
  • I’m Working From Home. If your job allows for flexibility, you should say this one. Then sit in bed and do the minimal in tasks and stay active on your phone. Then, catch up on Netflix!

Sometimes, you just need a little time that’s just yours. You’re human and sometimes, just sometimes, that means just allowing yourself to ‘be’. Perhaps pitch the idea of mental health days at work; you never know, it could kick off!

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