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Creating an Awesome Yoga Teacher Resume

by Editor (editor), , September 03, 2018

Read on to find out how to create an awesome yoga teacher resume.

Whether you’re a brand new, recently trained yoga teacher, or a seasoned pro looking for the next job, you’ll want to use a resume. Combined with your yoga teacher website, a well-crafted and professional resume can put you above the competition. Read on to find out how to create an awesome yoga teacher resume.

Contact information

One of the most common resume mistakes is not putting contact information in a prominent spot, or completely forgetting it. Make it easy to see and read so you can be contacted for an interview. You can put your contact information on the left in a column, or right at the top. Only include your name, phone number, email address, and website. Don’t bother including your street address; it’s unnecessary, takes up space, and could be a security risk if the wrong person were to find your resume.

Mission statement

Include a mission statement near the top of your resume, underneath your contact information (unless you put that section on the left.) Your statement only needs to be a sentence or two, and describe who you are and what you can do. “Keep it simple, unique, and be honest. Before you write it, ask yourself why you want to teach yoga, what you can offer students, and why you should become part of the studio’s team. Mission statements are your best shot at showing off your personality,” advises Ahmed Andrews, resume editor at Paper Fellows.


You need to show the studio owner that you’re qualified to instruct yoga classes. List off where you were trained and how many hours you have completed. Make sure to include it if you are Yoga Alliance certified. List your registered yoga teacher (RYT) level. If you have participated in any workshops or other training that is relevant then include that. CPR and First Aid are good qualifications you may want to put here. If you have formal education like a bachelor’s or associate’s degree you can list that too.


It’s frustrating being a new yoga teacher looking for that first job, when it seems that every studio wants a teacher with experience. The key is persistence. You can also fill out that experience section a bit by offering free classes for friends and family. You can include non-yoga working experience, it will at least show that you are responsible and can commit to something. If you do have yoga teaching experience, put that at the top of your experience section, since it is the most relevant. List your experience the same way you listed your education. Position, followed by timeframe, followed by studio name and address.

Use online tools to help write the perfect yoga teacher resume

Writing doesn’t come easily to everyone, so don’t be afraid to get some help from the experts. Here are some good resources to get you started:

1. ViaWriting & MyWritingWay - These are grammar guides you can access for help going over your resume for grammatical errors.

2. Resumention - This is a resume service you can use to improve the quality of your yoga teacher resume.

3. Boomessays & Assignment Help - Check out these online proofreading tools, suggested by BestBritishEssays, to make sure your resume is polished and free of errors.

4. StateofWriting & Simple Grad - These are writing resources you can use to improve the writing in your resume. Even an experienced writer can benefit from some help now and then.

5. Assignment Writing Service & EssayRoo - These are editing tools, recommended by Australianhelp review, you can use to check over your resume for mistakes and typos.

6. AcademAdvisor & Writing Populist - Check out these career writing blogs for tips and suggestions on how to write a better resume. You’ll find posts here by people who have written yoga teacher resumes before.

Some more resume tips

Write everything in a hierarchy, meaning always put what you want the studio owner to see most at the top. Use bold to make your headers and other important information pop off the page. Put some white space in between your sections to make your resume easily scannable. Keep your resume to one page. Choose fonts that are professional and easy on the eyes. No comic sans.


The most important thing about your resume is showing you are qualified to teach yoga. Remember to lay things out nicely and so they are easy to scan. Spend some time editing and proofreading your resume. Use these tips to create an awesome yoga teacher resume.

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