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7 Tips For Corrugated Roofing Installation

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , September 02, 2018

Here are a few tips that will help you get the work done in a better way.

Metal corrugated roofing materials are mainly galvanized and PPGI that is pre-painted galvanized iron. The roofing materials have a huge variety. This is one of the best materials known well for its durability and a lightweight. The installation is not very tricky and can be done by the homeowner himself but if he needs helphe can contact roofing contractors. To help you with your DIY quest of getting the corrugated roofing installed yourself we should help you a little. Here are a few tips that will help you get the work done in a better way.


Calculations are the key to get to a good installation. If you are making the right calculation it is only then you stand a chance to make the correct installation.As for the metal corrugated roofing it comes in sheets of 36-44 inches in length and 6 feet in width. For whichever length sheet you choose make sure to keep the 2 inches out of it for overlap. Take the length of the rood ridges and the coverage area. Once that is done divide the first with the latter. The quotient will be the number of metal sheets you will be needing.


The roof will be better maintained and last longer if the base was rightly prepared before the installation of the plates. This base will govern the stability of your roof. First the plywood sheathing must be installed covering the entire roof area. Above the sheathing should be a layer of the roofing felt paper. The amount used can be around 15 pounds. This is useful in waterproofing the roof. The felt paper should be secured to the roof by use of galvanized staples.


You must start laying the sheets from the eaves and proceed towards the peak. The sheet you use as the first row must be overhanging at the sides with at least the length of 2 inch. It will help water find its way away from the roof. You mustn’t forget the overlap that needs to be done between the first and the second sheet that is the one underneath the first. The area of intersection should be about 1-2 inches.


Uniformity prevails better results. A bad practice will be to use metal roofing and a wood nail. The nails of the roofing should be of the same metal as that is being installed. If different metals are involved and with the changing climatic conditions the result can be an unpredicted chemical reaction.


This is another tool to waterproof the roofing material. After the plates are installed the caps are to be put in place that is the roof ridge and also the entire perimeter of the roof. These caps will be an agent to help the material stay clear of moisture, debris, wind and small animals.


This is something that is mandatory. The overlapping should be there between two sheets and the aim will be to cover the humps that are formed. It should be smooth and even.


The placement should be done after making a draft using chalks so that your rows are not wavy or uneven. Make the most of the small things so that the end result is fantastic. PPGISTEEL is a Chinese steel coil manufacturer brand that can be contactedfor the reliable materials and installation.

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