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How to Better Handle Western Cedar Siding

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , August 30, 2018

You can also leave it untreated so it can stay in its natural beauty

There are roofing contractors who have shared their blogs about wood siding and its effectiveness. However, still people ask about the material by comparing it with the other products available in the market. Western cedar siding gives a beautiful look that is common and famous in America as it gives a unique look because of its design. Red cedar is popular among people, but white cedar is also used by a number of house owners. You can install or apply it in the horizontal lap panels form as traditional shingles are also used. You can paint it or treat it with oil or good stain. You can also leave it untreated so it can stay in its natural beauty. It is available in a number of different styles that include lap siding, bevel shakes and traditional cedar shakes.

Cost of Cedar Siding:

The cost of cedar siding is not low as you will find the same price of siding in fiber material. You can buy it from the market in $5-$7 for per square foot. It is also necessary to note that the cost of maintaining the siding also adds financial burden on the house owner. It means when you chose a material that is extremely aesthetically visible, you also take the oath that I will spend money on taking care of it in the longer run. Painting the siding is also important and you must apply a good colored paint after 3-5 years of its service. Both periodic repair and pain will keep it in a good condition that means you will not need more of the concern other than planning a schedule and working according to it. The cost of the material can also increase in future so when there will be need of replacing the existing roof with a new one then you only have to recheck the cost.

Maintenance of Cedar Siding:

The maintenance of cedar siding is challenging process as there can be woodpeckers destroying the siding and you are not aware of it. Furthermore, birds can make it their dwelling place to escape from the crowd of cities which means that there is another danger of further damage. You have to clean the siding on regular basis at the time when you see that the siding had been discolored. If there is a need to replace the siding then contacting reliable roofing contractors for installation of new siding downriver Michigan should be your priority. You also have to make effort for minimizing the exposure of siding from rot as it is also one of the biggest causes of damage. Cedar is also durable because it can resist other types of pests easily, but still there is a need of maintaining it with suitable methods. It shows that you must apply a coat and paint on the material for making it stain free and sealing it with protective shield. It will help in maintaining the material against all the dangerous elements.

Other concerns:

Now it is also important to see some of the drawbacks of the material as you are using it for your house and you are not going to replace it after every three months. You must not allow any kind of moisture penetration on cedar as it can create more trouble both for the material and you too. Protecting the siding which protects the house is also important. It means you have to protect the siding with another material that cannot absorb moisture. Selecting Western Cedar is a good choice, but also have to ready for all kind of effort required for maintaining it.

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