Best Motorcycle Jackets for Men

Motorcycle gear has evolved quite a lot in the last decade or so. But even after all these years, nothing beats the plain old cool look of a leather motorcycle jacket. Bikers now have extensive options when it comes to biking gear, and motorcycle jackets are no exception. And with this great power (to choose) comes great responsibility (to choose right).

The right jacket can make sprawling highway sessions even more enjoyable. It can help a biker traverse all kinds of weather and road conditions successfully. And these days, you can easily find a motorcycle jacket that is precisely what you need. Take online stores like LeatherSkinShop as an example which offers a wide selection of fabrics, colors, finishes, and designs to choose from.

But it’s about more than just style. A motorcycle jacket can keep your vital organs safe in case of a crash. It can keep you dry when it’s wet outside and cool when you are in scorching heat outside. So, take it seriously, it could save your life someday.

Leather Jackets Rule!

The leather motorcycle jackets are perfect for all motorists, no matter what age or sex they may belong to. It is a fact that a person looks dashing in a leather jacket which is built specially for motorcycle enthusiasts, check out all these celebrities in leather jackets if you don’t believe that.

The Best Leather Motorcycle Jackets Money Can Buy

The thing about the best motorcycle jackets is that they last a long while. They are a significant financial statement, no denying that, but you will get your money’s worth from a jacket in a few years because it will serve you without fail. Motorcycle jackets are durable and offer excellent protection. And to top it all off, leather wear can be cleaned and stored easily. Considering all that, leather jackets are a fabulous option to add to your wardrobe. Check out our top picks here:

The Classic

Fashion and comfort combined in the Black Military White Stripes Biker Leather Jacket. These lightweight jackets are high on function, but these aren’t constructed to replace body armor in any way. However, the classic leather motorcycle jacket is great for everyday ‘casual’ wear. If you are a speedster, who likes to get value for money and a jacket that will help you save from the elements of weather than this is the right choice for you. However, if you are into speeding, then you should probably look for something with a sturdier built.

Jackets for Racers

Racing models are very different from classic jackets. There is plenty of padding and armor built into the leather jacket, making it the perfect choice for speed freaks. In fact, these jackets are constructed to be aerodynamic. Take a look at this White Motorcycle Racing Premium Leather Jacket. The form-fitting piece perfectly follows the human form and helps enhance speed. These motorcycle jackets are put through rigorous testing and built as per industry standards to help motorcyclists avoid injuries in case of a crash.

Touring clothing sets

Touring bikes are awesome. They are comfortable and cruise beautifully. Of course, jackets designers for touring enthusiasts aren’t any different. You can buy matching leather lowers for these jackets that are designed for long-distance rides. So, no matter how many climates you ride through, you can remain comfortable throughout the journey. Take for example this Gray Brando Belted Unisex Genuine Leather Jacket. It’s great for all your biking needs. But if you are serious about your touring needs, you can also find versions that come with built-in heating and hydration systems, as well as pockets for all your on-the-go needs from GPS systems to toothbrushes.

Mesh Jackets

If you bike in a hot climate and need something airier than leather, a mesh motorcycle jacket will serve you well. Mesh is a relatively new introduction to the motorcycle clothing industry, and it is incredible for several reasons. It offers an optimal cooling experience that is perfect for hot summer rides. The important thing is that despite their light and breezy façade, these mesh jackets provide the protection you’d expect from a high-quality motorcycle jacket. If you are looking for a hot summer jacket that will amp up your style factor without letting you sweat, get a mesh jacket.

Image result for celebrities in distressed leather jacket

Distressed Jacket

When it comes to comfort and style, nothing beats distressed leather jackets. Tom Cruise loves his!

The lived-in, antique look of the leather jacket lends it a particular character. Of course, just because a jacket is distressed doesn’t mean that it’s ancient. In fact, a distressed jacket is dyed to look that way, using a variety of techniques.

Whether you are a racer or biker, or hobby motorcycle enthusiast, this versatile jacket will serve you well. The naturally occurring imperfections of a distressed jacket, lend it a rough sexy look that women and men love equally. The scars, scratches, wrinkles, and discolorations make it an absolute marvel to look at.

Final Thoughts

A motorcycle jacket is a necessary part of a biker’s arsenal. It doesn’t matter what your riding style is or what model your bike is; it is imperative to have a top-quality leather jacket to help you be stylish, comfortable and safe as you surf the highway. If you want to have maximum help to navigate any obstacles the road or the weather may throw at you, then you need a motorcycle jacket. The strong built-in armor can help you from shock and injury in case of a bike crash, also reducing the chance of skin damage.

However, having said that we do understand that selecting the perfect jacket or coat can be a tough decision. Hopefully, our guide to the best motorcycle jackets for men will help you in making a choice that fits your needs and requirements.

Your focus should be on finding a jacket that offers comfort, safety, style and possibly features such as waterproof. We promise there is a jacket out there for you but in the end, the decision to buy a jacket is yours alone, and only you can choose the right one for you.