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Why Ford Cars Are Some Of The Most Durable On The Road

by lenardjohnson (writer), , August 22, 2018

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Those who consider themselves automobile aficionados will be familiar with many of the timeless debates around what makes a good car.

For some, power is everything; others prize agility. Some measure a vehicle’s worth in horsepower, while others still argue that the most important thing about a car is overall performance. But everyone agrees that one of the crowning virtues a vehicle can possess is durability.

We live a significant portion of our lives in our cars, and rely on them to carry us safely to our destination regardless of weather, road conditions, and distance. Because a car is, after a home, the biggest purchases most North Americans will make, finding a car that can go the distance year-in and year-out is important. No matter how stylish a car is, or how much horsepower it can deliver on a straightaway, if it keeps breaking down and can’t be relied on to come through when it is needed, few shoppers will be willing to purchase it again the second time around. On the other hand, a car that can prove its worth over the long term is going to attract repeat buyers and glowing reviews.

Over its long and illustrious career, the Ford Motor Company has established itself as one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers in no small part because of its ability to win over drivers with vehicles that deliver this kind of durability. Ford vehicles are tough and reliable under even the most stressful circumstances, and this is true both of workhorses like the ever-popular Ford F-150 and more genteel commuter sedans like the Fusion and Focus.

This means that while the Ford vehicles that get the most attention are the newest generations, older models of Ford vehicles are also highly prized. For example, a 2013 Ford Fusion is still highly desirable despite have been on the road for five years because shoppers know that it will continue to over incredible performance for years to come. This is because Ford engineering puts a high premium on ruggedness and durability: every Ford vehicle is built to deliver long-term high quality performance under even the most stressful circumstances, which is why buying a used Ford vehicle can often be a better deal than buying a new one. That pre-owned Fusion still has most of its life ahead of it, and you’ll get a better rate on it than you would when purchasing new.

In the 21st century, Ford has continued to adapt to changing consumer demands by producing new types of vehicles (like its new subcompact SUV), while also giving older classics regular facelifts. But the brand’s core continues to be built on its ability to produce reliable vehicles that can consistently deliver premium performance no matter the circumstances. Fans of Ford vehicles know that whether they are purchasing a brand new vehicle or are looking for a pre-owned model, they will be getting a vehicle they can drive with confidence for years to come.

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