Types of Lapel Pins You Can Order for a Specific Purpose

Lapel pin from vivipins is offered in various designs. If you still get confused about which one of the best lapel pins you want to order, just check the list below first.

School Pin

The most common type of lapel pin ordered is the school pins. This type of pin is designed for schools which want to show its pride. The pin is suitable for the students, staffs, and all of the people or parties who are involved in the school. Commonly, the school is ordering a school pin for celebrating the academic achievement, department designations, honor merit rewards, and many more. Indeed, the school pin is offered in custom order so the school which orders the pin can give their best pin design before the company producing it.

National Flag Pin

The flag pin is also a popular lapel pin. A national flag pin is the most popular one because it can be used as a special gift in the Independence Day, representing your country, and any kind of formal or national occasions. The pin can also show your pride while following international events. Commonly, the national flag pin is suitable for international students, embassies, and employees who work in the government departments. It is also a special gift for the soldiers who have shown their patriotism and loyalty to the country.

Trading Pin

The next popular lapel pin is the trading pin. Just like the name of the pin, the purpose of the lapel pin is for trading. You are able to create the most interesting custom lapel pin before ordering it. Then, you can sell the pin in the bazaar, charity events, school events, and many more. This is also a good option for those who want to create a special giveaway to their friends, followers, subscribers, or fans. The idea is designing and giving a collectible item for the receivers.

Sport Pin

For sports lovers who want to show their pride as well as to give something to the fans, sports pin is the best option. You are able to order a lapel pin with inspired by your favorite basketball team, football team, or many more. You may custom the design such as creating a pin from the logo, mascot, motto, or anything which makes the lapel pin looks interesting to see.

Employee Pin

As a company, you also need to appreciate your employee. A lapel pin can be a great gift from you to the employee. In this case, you can use an employee pin. You can create a unique and attracting design to show how proud you to have such a great and loyal employee are. Later, the employee will be proud of the pin and keep it as their most unforgettable collection.

Volunteer Pin

You may also create a cool and eye-catching volunteer pin. The pin is also used to differentiate between the volunteer and the common people. The sign makes you easy to give the important order. It is also the way to increase the spirit and the energy of the volunteer while helping others. They will have a different kind of pride before and after wearing the pin.