3 Online Resources That'll Connect You With a Handyman by Dinnertime

Whether it’s a leaky roof, broken dishwasher, or an air conditioner that’s acting up, your day is too busy to waste on trying to find the right handyman for the job. Plenty of people out there can complete the task, but connecting with the right one can be overwhelming. Finding one before dinnertime can be even more arduous. Here are three online resources that’ll connect you with the proper handyman by supper.

Review informative sources

A good place to start searching for a handyman will be informative web sources. Information-based websites provide an array of data on many types of services, handymen included. Websites such as these provide helpful articles and search capabilities that allow you to find whatever you need. Check it out on websites such as Information.com, where they have knowledge on almost any topic. Plenty of other informative websites are out there, and a simple search will give you exactly what you need.

Be specific in your internet searches

If you’re still unlucky in your search, explore the internet. But be specific in your internet search. Google and Bing can only guess so much as to what you need. If you need a plumber in the San Diego area, and your search is a bit broad, it may turn up dozens of services out of your price range and far from your home; you won’t have your sink unclogged right away. If you need full-service roof repair in Clifton, NJ, your search is specific enough to find exactly what you need. Consider your town/city size and price range when searching. You may want to include neighborhood and ideal prices in your search along with specialties needed.

After finding a handyman, be sure to call to check that everything said online is true to life. Ensure that they can fix your exact problem by giving them details of the break. Call and ask questions about their rates, hours of availability, and location. All of this will secure you a handyman who lives nearby and can swing by your home before it gets to be too late.

Check out ratings

Once you have found the appropriate handyman for the job, check them out on a rating service. Web sources such as Yelp and Angie’s List provide scores and detailed reports from real customers on their experiences with handymen and other service industries. As industry leaders in rating services, these two web sources will have access to even the smallest local servicemen.

You can also rely on word of mouth. If the handyman you’ve found is nearby, it’s likely a neighbor has used them before. Call some of your neighbors or post on your neighborhood Facebook group chat. Ask whether they have ever used these handymen before and what they thought of the services. You can also start there and ask your neighbors to suggest handymen.

You can’t help it if things break in your house, but you don’t need to get stressed out. Use the internet to find the right handyman for your needs. You’ll find a host of information on different service industries, from general info to ratings. Also, remember to rely on the suggestions of friends. Always do your research and you’ll find the right handyman for your job.