How to Collaborate with Other Musicians

Colabing with other artists will help your music career in ways you have never imagined. You find other sources on how to market your music. But, promotion is key when it comes to music rookies. Since there is so much competition out there, you have to stand out and ask for some help, if needed. If you work with artists that have already made their mark on the music industry, you’ll sky rocket to stardom in no time.

Basically, there are numerous ways you can collaborate with other artists.

1. Do festival concerts

Keep an eye on festivals. Festivals are a fantastic opportunity to land some additional gigs. These kind of shows require more bands that you can collaborate with. You don’t need to play with a band for the entire show. Try doing a song together. Make sure you are in tune once you start playing. You don’t want to look ridiculous and make the other band outshine you.


2. Do tours

Tours are great for collaborating with other artists because not only you will get to travel and play, you’ll get to know a lot of people from the music industry. You don’t have travel too far. Try choosing a near by city or state. Also, try doing tours for the weekends. Weekends are usually the most preferred time for doing activities such as attending concerts or gigs.

3. Do a cover

Covers of famous songs are great way to grab attention from your favorite artists. There are so many outlets and platforms online that you can post the cover. Make sure it’s good, though. If you don’t do a good job, you might get the opposite results.


4. Do a remix

Implement the same strategy like the cover. But, by doing a remix, not only you will grab the artists’ attention, you can add your own touch to the song. Who knows, you might outshine the original artists. There so many remixes out there that have done better than the original. Put your twist on it and watch the magic happen.

5. Do a guest performance

Find an artist that you want to perform a recording with. A lot of famous songs were collaborations with a few artists. There were even songs done by 20 different artists. Remember “We Are The World”? I’m trying to forget it. Either way, it’s a great way to collab with other artists.


6. Do a music video

You don’t have to sing in the video. If you appear in other people’s music videos, you will bring a lot of attention on you as a music brand. Take every opportunity to expose yourself. Exposure is key when it comes to landing gigs and creating opportunities for collaborating with artists.


These strategies might be hard to implement. You can even add your own marketing ideas. On your journey you will encounter different kinds of people. These people might refuse you a few times. That’s why you need to be persistent and stand your ground. To be noticed in the music community is no joke and it requires a lot of effort. Before you do all of these steps, believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself, everybody will notice it.