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3 Tips for Fixing Roof Leaks

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , August 09, 2018

These problems are hard to detect initially and cause a lot of nuisance after they have progressed.

Getting the best roofing done is a tedious job. You need to find someone who is amazing at his work so that you do not have to regret your choices later. Having a good roofing for your house is very important because a faulty roofing can cause an array of problems in a few months or years time.

However, due to changes in seasons and other natural factors, you roof may end up heaving leakage problems. These problems are hard to detect initially and cause a lot of nuisance after they have progressed.

Locating the Spot of Leakage:

Before fixing the leakage in your roof, you have to find the spot where the problem is located. If you have a slanted rooftop, it is quite hard to locate the source of the problem. A basic way to do this is to shine a torch light on your rooftop and see where the leak is. This method can only work if the leak is large enough.

Another way which is bound to work is the hose method. Turn on the hose and water your roof to find the spot of leakage. If the water drips down from a particular spot, this is where the root of your problem is and you can focus on roof repair at this this particular spot.

Fixing the Shingles:

Most often, the roof leaks are due to faulty shingles. Especially in the winter season or in regions where it is quite cold, the shingles may curl up or be damaged. You need to make them flat again by applying some heat.

You should never use flame or fire to do this since some building materials are inflammable and can pose a fire hazard. Also, exposing the roofing material to excessive heat can damage it. Slightly, warm the shingles using a hair dryer. After it has warmed a bit, you can easily flat it out by applying some force.

Now, use cement to stick the shingles in place. This will cover the source of leak and will solve your problem. Some shingles are beyond repair and you need to replace them, therefore you need reliable roofing contractors Canton Michigan for roof replacement. Pull the old shingle out of place and replace it with a new one by using cement for adhesion. Secure it in place with nails and cover the nails with cement. There are plenty of roofing contractors in Dearborn Michigan who can fix these minor issue for you, if you are not a DIY person.

Fixing Cracks in the Roof:

If a certain part of the roof is dripping, it is likely that there us a crack or blister in the roof at that point. Take a knife and cut halfway through the blister. Be careful not to cut the bottom material.

Now, take a syringe and suck out any water that may be trapped there. Cover the cracked or blistered area with a lot of building cement. Moreover, hammer nails on either side of the blisters and cover them with cement too. This will stop the leakage.

To prevent the onset of these roofing issues, you need to go with the best roofing contractors in the area.

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