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Creating the Right Launchpad with Data Science Certification

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , August 01, 2018

Companies like AIG and AT&T assert the fact that without the right talent and expertise the entire potentiality of data science is lost.

Data scientists encompass a unique set of skills that enable them to wrangle big data and oversee the entire data cycle. You need an excellent mathematics, statistics, analytic and programming skills to undertake any data science project. The task at hand involves a broad range from cleaning data to make them relevant, to analyze data and their importance in finding solution to a business problem.

A typical week for a data scientist can see many different projects. For example data scientists at Airbnb are encouraged to take on different and unrelated projects. They juggle multiple projects at any given time. Data Scientists create a huge impact on each step of product life cycle. The task involves identification of areas to invest, designing a new product in alignment with design engineers.

If you go by LinkedIn report data scientist, machine learning and big data engineering jobs are one of the fastest growing jobs. Companies like AIG and AT&T assert the fact that without the right talent and expertise the entire potentiality of data science is lost.

Why Go for a Certification?

A certification in Data Science prepares you with the right skills in a booming market. Take the example of Airbnb that uses Hive to query Data and R as a part of daily work routine. Then there are other platforms like Hadoop, Spark, Python, etc. designed for big data management. A training or certification program adds to your expertise and gives you that much needed competitive advantage.

Companies need a broad set of skills and specialists, certification course allows you to gather a right blend of expertise at your own pace and time. There are a number of options that you can select from depending on your requirements.

Understanding Some Prominent Data Science Certification Courses

Cloudera Certification is the oldest in the field and enjoys a worldwide accreditation. It creates practical data science challenges and a comprehensive series of tests to ensure that you do not just get the fundamentals right, but possess skill sets for real on-job challenges. CCP: DS ensures that you have practical working experience in Spark, Python, R and Hadoop. The certification requires you to have a detailed knowledge of Data Science.

You need three examinations to get the certificate and each exam costs $600.

Columbia University offers Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Sciences that is a perfect fit for professionals that intend to scale up their current professional ladder. Apart from Data Science it requires you an in-depth knowledge of Linear Algebra, Calculus and similar Quantitative Concepts. A candidate has to undertake four courses that deal with Algorithms, Machine Learning in Data Science. The other two courses focus on Probability and Stats, Data Analysis and Visualization; they are more aligned to statistics.

The fees are $395 per course and $1858 for every credit as the rate of University’s engineering tuition.

Another certification that is tailor-made for professionals is Certified Analytics Professional is Certified Analytics Professional by INFORMS. It requires a candidate to possess an experience range of 3 to 7 years in the field of analytics, though not made for aspiring professionals, the course can add leverage to the career of analytics professional.

The certification program fees is $495.

Data Science certifications by Data Science Council of America (DASCA) have certifications focused on both working professionals and aspiring graduates or undergraduates. Certifications like Associate Big Data Engineer and Associate Big Data Analyst are made for undergraduates or graduates who aspire to get into the world of Big Data. Senior Data Scientist, is a certification made for data analyst professionals who are in the game for 5 years or more. Principal Data Scientists Certification, takes credentials a notch higher by its stringent selection criteria and is made for professionals with 10+ years of experience.

PDS certification costs $850 to $ 950 for the program and SDS certification costs $650

An undergraduate or a graduate looking for a basic certification in data science can opt for Data Science Associate Certification from EMC. You need to clear one exam that tests your knowledge about data scientist’s involvement in the complete data lifecycle. The certification never expires, but you can upgrade the credentials every three years.

The cost of certification is $200.

Another certification designed for graduates who want to begin their career in data science is Coursera John Hopkins Data Science Certification. It has 10 modules and you are eligible for a certificate only on successful completion of all of them. This introductory course provides you with the right base to start your journey as a Data Scientist.

The total course costs around $490 ($49 per module)

Certificates and Their Return on Investment

The next question that comes in mind is, if you are serious about a career in Data Science, why not a Master Degree in the same field? Forbes states that many of the current professionals who are into data science do not have a degree in it. They come from business, computer science, analytics, and mathematics background. A Master’s Degree is time consuming, expensive and is not absolutely necessary.

However, with time as the need for specialists in the field increase, adding credentials to your name will be important. A certification in Data Science is a perfect fit. You can get certified, while working as a data scientist.

A job search at Glassdoor for data scientists lists the highest salary in the range of $140,000. The average compensation ranges around $113,000 that is higher than most of the jobs in other fields. TDWI report findings say that about 46% companies are facing talent crunch in Big Data. A big data certification course will allow you to showcase right skills that will give you the competitive edge.

Data Science encapsulates multiple discipline. You need a strong background in mathematics, analytics, statistics, and management. Real life experience comes as a great value. Certifications allow you to gather skills across various domains while still on job. You can update them as per market requirements and certifications save time to yield the perfect return on investment.

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