10 Hip and Happening Ideas for Pixie Cut with Bangs For the Fashion Forward

Pixie cuts are super sexy and fun! And what is hipper than a pixie cut with bangs? Bangs are making a huge comeback as they are flirty and playful. And side swept fringe is tres chic on a stylish pixie!

Do you think you can rock a fashion forward pixie with bangs? If you are still not convinced, check out our gallery of short and sassy pixies with long bangs to inspire you to go bold!

10 Suggestions for Fun and Flirty Pixie Cut With Bangs

Dusty Rose Asymmetrical Pixie

Rose colored hair is so girly and chic, but you don’t have to pick a traditional haircut to rock this sexy shade of pink! Asymmetrical haircuts are very big right now, and asymmetrical pixies are taking the world by storm. If you can’t decide between short or long hair, an asymmetrical pixie is the way to go!

Ask for drastically long layers on one side to add a bit of an edge. This pixie cut with bangs swept to the side is so edgy and chic! And the blend of a soft dusty pink with a dark rose shade is enchanting!



Fiery Orange Pixie with Side Swept Bangs

There is no limit when it comes to hair color shades these days and this fierce and fiery shade of orange is no exception. This bright orange pixie very cutting edge and has a ton of volume. And it adds a ton of texture to this super cutepixie cut with bangs. The thick bangs fall seductively over one eye for a seemingly innocent look. But the savage shade of orange shows that you are not to be taken lightly. Show off your inner spark with this sassy long pixie cut!



Platinum Blonde Short Messy Pixie with Side Swept Bangs

Platinum blonde pixies are seriously hot this season. But there is no doubt as to why this is the case as they ooze sex appeal! If you are ready to embrace that inner blonde bombshell and go all over platinum blonde than what better way to sport the look with a messy pixie cut with bangs? Ask for long layers to add fullness and depth and style your long fringe over to one side. Blow your hair dry, lifting up the longer layers to add volume and give this sassy look a playful, carefree edge that shows you are not all work and no play!



Voluminous Dark Pixie

Long bangs add a ton of volume and texture to a pixie cut. You don’t have to go super short to rock a trendy pixie! Ask for to have it cut shorter on the sides and in the back and opt for longer length on the top and front. And if you want to add even more texture, blend in some soft subtle highlights. A pretty chocolate brown base is even more stunning with some caramel hues to add a multi-tonal look. Style your hair to one side. Add some volumizing mousse or pomade and lift it while blow drying to add fullness.



Emerald Green Undercut Pixie

Anything goes when it comes to hair color this season so why not embrace this popular trend and go for a bold color like this brilliant aqua green? The dark emerald green base with lime green highlights is so striking. And what makes it even more edgy is the undercut on one side with maximum volume on the other side! Undercuts are also very in right now! If you are feeling fashion-forward and want to sport a trend-setting undercut pixie cut with bangs, this look could be exactly what you are looking for!



Rose Gold Faux Hawk Pixie with Shaved Sides

Faux hawks and pompadours are making a huge comeback right now. And what better way to showcase these trendy looks than with an avant-gradepixie cut with bangs? Shave your sides and ask for long layers on the top and back. Mohawk were all the rage with the punk rock crowd in the 80s and 90s and faux hawks are back with a vengeance. If you want to show off your inner punk rock chick, you can totally rock this gutsy hairstyle!

The rose gold color is so feminine and chic that it gives this daring style just a bit of a girly touch to show that you still have a soft side underneath your rocker chick attitude! And it’s Don’t be afraid to take your volume to the max with this captivating pixie!



Messy Blonde Pixie with Lots of Volume

Remember, pixie cuts do not always mean super short! This blonde pixie with long bands is proof positive! Ask for more length in the front to add volume and a slight undercut in the back to achieve maximum fullness. This cut is especially good for those who have thick hair who want to remove some weight without getting rid of all the length! Mix in some pretty rose hues with your pale blonde base to add more depth to this sexy and chic pixie cut with bangs! The best part about this cut is that there are no rules. The messier the better!



Asymmetrical Platinum Blonde Pixie with Dark Undertones

This salt and pepperpixie cut with bangsis the perfect solution if you can’t decide between short or long and dark or light. Start off with a dark base and sides and then go for a sexy silver shade on the length of your locks. And to add more volume, shave one side and then go for maximum fullness with longer layers on the opposite side for a ground-breaking asymmetrical pixie that will make you stand out from any crowd!



Antique Gold Pixie with Tousled Layers

Just because you go short in the back, does not mean you have to go short all over. If you want to remove some length in the back, you can get a slight undercut and opt for more volume everywhere else. Ask for long layers on top to add volume and texture.

This pixie cut with bangsis exquisitely lovely with its blend of dark brown hues with soft blonde highlights to give in a classy antique gold finish. This look screams sophistication but also has air of playfulness with it’s tousled layers that shows while you mean business you also have a fun side. Rub pomade through your fingers until it is emulsified and then style your hair for a sexy bedhead look.



Silvery Blonde Side Swept Pixie

If you are feeling sexy and fearless and want to see if blondes really do have more fun, than this pearly white pixie cut with bangs is just what the doctor ordered. Opt for either shaved sides or an undercut on one side and longer layers on the other side for a seductive asymmetrical look. Ask for more length on the top and then make big loose curls with a large barrelled curling iron to add fullness and texture for a look that’s tres chic!