Pick Unique Men’s Wedding Bands with a Good Understanding of the Current Trends

Staying trendy is a primary requirement for men shopping for wedding bands. No one wants a wedding ring design that has lost its relevance today. Fashion is evolving every day and is so fluid that you have to be aware of what is going around understanding the current trends. And it is not enough to remain trendy because the design of wedding bands has to live through the times and remain relevant many years down the line. The design and style should not be a cause of embarrassment for you later by becoming irrelevant, as you have to carry on with the choice for the rest of your life.

The style of men’s wedding bands is not only evolving but also the gender lines are gradually fading away. Although we still look for men’s wedding rings, some of the designs could be quite acceptable for brides too. Men would like to have designs that address the practical needs. Men would prefer the perfect blend of practicality and style in the design of wedding bands. In this article, we will explore the trends that are doing the rounds in men’s wedding bands.

  • Simple but not as simple you might think

Men do not want gorgeous wedding bands, but surely, they want it to be unique. Most men would like to stay away from flashy designs but instead would like to have something simple yet impressive. Gone are the days when the staple design of men’s wedding bands was in the form of simple gold bands in flat or domed design. As wedding bands gradually acquired a place in men’s fashion, the concept of design also has gone through some radical changes. We have seen the emergence of creative brilliance in the design of men’s rings that have become an integral part of accessories for men.

For men, wedding bands mean much more than meeting customer needs because the design and style have to match perfectly with the personality and taste of the person wearing it. Choose a wedding band that is trendy and brings out the best in you. Keep reading to know your options in tune with the trends.

  • Preference for platinum

Platinum has been the chosen metal for those who prefer its whitish looks with bright sparkle and mostly women used to adore it. Those without budget constraints prefer to use platinum. Of late, men also have started showing their inclination for platinum wedding bands as observed by the jewelers at https://www.mensweddingbands.com/. The subdued matte finish of platinum is what appeals most to men despite knowing that the surface is prone to scratches. The advantage of platinum is that it does not need periodical re-polishing like gold for maintaining its looks. The durability of platinum can withstand the most active lifestyle and the looks only improve with age due to the development of a layer or patina. Therefore, it is no wonder that more and more men are turning to platinum wedding bands. It meets their expectation of comfort, style, and durability.

  • Alternative metals

Besides platinum, cobalt and titanium, as well as tungsten, are also catching the fancy of men. All these metals can be styled in black and dark grey colors that attract men who want to make a distinct mark with wedding bands that are exclusively their own. It provides the unique looks and appears most striking to the eyes. You can satisfy your urge to stay different yet appealing by using the non-traditional metals that are fast gaining popularity. Stainless steel and palladium, another precious metal, are also in the list of metals used as an alternative to traditional metals for making wedding bands for men. Palladium is a good substitute for platinum as it is light but strong and resistant to scratches. All the alternative metals are hypoallergenic, and you need not worry about its suitability to the skin.

  • The classical appeal of flat bands

If you are of the type who does not fuss a lot about wedding bands and happy with the classical designs, then the flat gold wedding band is what you need. The subdued shine of the surface would perfectly match with the sleek design that has a modern touch and is sleek enough to go along well with the cufflinks and other accessories. Flat bands have a timeless appeal, which balances well with the desire of wearing it through your life and being still happy with the design many years after. In addition to gold, which is the metal of choice for flat wedding bands, sterling silver and titanium are also quite befitting for adding variety to it. The comfort fit of flat bands that have a sloped edge has attracted men who love simplicity without compromising on the appeal.

  • The flash of gemstones

The modern man is not shy of the flash of gemstones provided you use it with restraint to lend subtlety in design. In the recent years, men's wedding bands with precious stones are receiving a good response with diamonds being the first choice followed by other gemstones like sapphires and rubies. Depending on your budget, style, and personal choice, you can limit the number of gemstones without affecting the design that can be as much simple or extravagant as you want. From using a single diamond to a row of gemstones on the surface, you can try it out in your way.

  • Detailing creates more variants in design

One way of creating new designs is to bring changes in the shape and profile of wedding bands that give it a new look. Another way of creating new designs without altering the shape is to incorporate some subtle details in the design that may even go unnoticed. For a new design, you can work upon a classic style and incorporate details such as sectioning or coin edging. The design accents that you add provide an elegant touch without ever being too loud about it.

How well you understand the current design and style trend influences your choice of men’s wedding bands.