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Here’s What To Do if You’re Dreading Picking Out a Gift

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , July 21, 2018

Whoever it is, take into consideration what they do for fun and go from there.

Under certain circumstances you just can’t bring yourself to buy the gift card and throw in a card, even though it would make your life ten times easier. When you get someone a gift card, they know exactly how much money you spent on them. Not that you’re scared they’re going to judge you if you get them something worth $50 instead of $100, but you might be able to get away with spending even less and disguising it in an actual gift. Saving money isn’t the only reason you’d look to go a route other than the gift card. When you pick something out, it’s more personal. Some of the hardest people to shop for are people who you’re not incredibly close to, but you’re close enough that you have to choose your gift wisely. Maybe it’s your boss, co-worker, mother-in-law or sister-in-law. Whoever it is, take into consideration what they do for fun and go from there.

Gifts for those who love to travel

Most likely you don’t have the money to book a trip for this person even though you hear about how much they love Disney World or France every time you get together. Instead, you can buy them inexpensive gifts that have to do with the places they love or the act of traveling itself. CNN listed 20 gifts travelers will actually want. They include: shape-shifting carry-ons, World Atlas of street food, a muti-tasking charger, and even scratch maps to mark off where you’ve traveled to before. You can find all of these things for less than $50!

Gifts for those who love cooking

If you’re always hearing about how this person has tried all of the best restaraunts in the city and how they cook fabulous meals that they’ve been pairing with their favorite wines, maybe you can add to this hobby. There are of course the high-quality and a bit pricey stores like William Sonoma, Sur La Table, and Crate and Barrel, but there are also cheaper options for items that are just as useful and cute. Etsy and have a ton of kitchen gift options that you can even personalize and have shipped to you in a rush.

Gifts for the person who’s always making something

If the person you’re buying a gift for has a Pinterest board labeled DIY, or they own a craft table in their home, it’s safe to say that they’d be happy with any type of a gift from a crafting shop. You can find a bunch of gifts for crocheters on sites like They offer things like big zipperbag pouches, wooden yarn bowls, and even yarn themed mugs. Crafters always appreciate things that are unique. If you find something in a store that you’re not going to be visiting again soon, pick it up, wrap it up, and call if a gift.

Gifts for the person you know nothing about

This is probably the hardest kind of person to buy a gift for. Either you haven’t been listening to the things they tell you they do in their spare time, or they haven’t opened up to you at all. In either case, it’s pretty hard to buy someone a gift. You could resort to the generalized candle, bottle of wine, or holiday snack mix if it’s around December. On the other hand, you could get a little more creative. You can’t go wrong with a book that’s at the top of the list right now, journals hat can be used however the recipient wants to use it, or even kits that they can use on their day off. Kits can be super fun. You can find ones for making your own hot sauce, brewing your own beer, planting a small garden, or even making your own salsa.

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