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How to create an impact with the split canvas prints?

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , July 14, 2018

Your artist will finalise certain things as per your preference, like:

Split canvas print panels are one of the latest trends followed in the interior decoration industry. It’s been extensively used with multiple variations all across the world. It gives a dramatic look to the place it acquires.

You must have seen sceneries, photos of people and animals, digital art, or just any portrait hung onto the walls in not one but multiple pieces of canvas. This idea of splitting the image can cover a vast area of the wall and look even better, had it been in one part or frame.

Splitting the image into two parts is known as a diptych, into three parts as a triptych and four parts as quadtych, and so on. The most popular pattern among these is the triptych 3 piece wall art. It gives an extraordinary appeal to the image, making it captivating to the on-lookers.

You don’t need to make any efforts to get this in your house. Various digital printers and artists can very well do the job for you. You have to select your favourite photograph or an image and upload it. That’s it, now the rest of the work will be done by your artist.

Your artist will finalise certain things as per your preference, like:

1. They will ask you about the kind of edge or border you would like to have in your panels. You can select from the neutral colours, the colour of your choice or the mirrored side.

2. You will be asked about the size of the wall you would like to cover.

3. The pattern of the panels on your wall. There are two patterns basically, the row and the stack. The former one is broader and is suitable for landscapes or images that are horizontally clicked, and the latter one follows the vertical pattern. So the stack panels will be placed one below the other and will cover your wall vertically and are suitable for portraits that are taller than their width.

The prints on the canvas panels are hand-stretched by the experts and are printed with perfection. The lamination is of superior quality which is scratch-proof and UV protected as well and protects the image from fading. These panels have a long life, and they tend to charm you forever.

Split canvas panels are being hung both in homes and workplaces. They are capable enough to display people’s memories and achievements or memorable events beautifully. Their pattern of arrangement is so enthralling that it takes you into an era or the moment where and when it was captured. I am sure; you must have admired such a pattern of expression if you’ve come across one.

There are various ways to decorate your house but what better than doing it with your memories or individual thoughts, people or places that hold particular significance in your life. These split panels make you relive those moments, and whenever you are around them, you can always connect with your past and relish those beautiful memories of yours.

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