Clear Out Your Closet And Your Conscience

Too many clothes in your closet? It’s not a surprise. Whether you’re a fashionista or you’re bad at getting rid of your old items, it’s easy to have an overflowing closet close to bursting with things you don’t necessarily need.

Image: Pxhere

Having a closet clearout is not only good for your home, but it can also be good for your soul. A new approach to clothing can ease your conscience and make you a savvier, less wasteful shopper and can help you do good for others too.

Get some top tips on clearing out your closet so that you can start easing your conscience today.

Start over

The best way to ensure a successful clear out is to take everything out of your closet, drawers and anywhere else your clothing might be hiding. Get it all out, and as you put things back in, you can scrutinize every single item to see if it stays or goes. Some of those choices will be obvious as you move each item out, but others might require some more careful thought and negotiation.

Be ruthless

When it comes to clearing out your closet, you have to be ruthless. Holding onto items for sentimental value or the blind belief that something that’s too small will fit again can stop you from making progress, leaving you with the same closet you started with. One of the best tips for clearing out your closet is to be strong and ask yourself:

- Have I worn this item in the last year?

- Does it still suit/fit me?

- Do I still like this item?

- Do I have several other items like this in my closet?

- Is this item still in a good, wearable condition?

If you answer ‘no’ to any of these questions, you know what needs to come next. Start making a pile of the items you no longer want to keep, giving you space to reorganize your closet.

What to do with your unwanted clothing

It’s easy to class your unwanted clothing as trash or as waste that simply needs to be tossed. However, there are ways of getting rid of your unwanted items of clothing that will mean that nothing has to go to waste. Instead of treating your unwanted clothes as rubbish, why not make sell, donate and recycle piles to help you organize it all? Waste has a huge impact on the world, as shown in this infographic:, so doing what you can to reduce your own waste is vital. Having someone collect your unwanted clothes to recycle them can help to keep your home clutter-free so that you can enjoy your clean closet immediately.

Adopt better habits going forward

Now that you’ve got a functional, organized wardrobe to work with, you can change your habits for the better. Before buying new clothing, ask yourself ‘do I need this?’, while buying more investment-style pieces instead of cheap, ‘fast fashion’ is more ethical - leaving you with a clear conscience!

Now that you’ve cleared your wardrobe, what’s next for your home? Check out some inexpensive ways to spruce up your home and look forward to your next home improvement project.