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8 Brilliant Blogger Tricks That Are Sure to Keep Money Coming Your Way

by Editor (editor) , July 03, 2018

You should definitely check out this post about the various ways that you can earn money using your blog.

Remember that time when we blogged for blogging’s sake? The days when blogs were more of online journals keeping an account of our daily musings are long gone. Yeah, we have come a long way indeed. It’s 2018, folks, and people like Pete Cashmore (owner of Mashable), Jake Dobkin (owner of Gothamist) and Michael Arrington (owner of TechCrunch) earn in six figures per month just by blogging.

Yeah, you read that right.

Blogging has gradually emerged as one of the best ways that you can keep some greens coming your way. So if you are a blogger, then you should definitely check out this post about the various ways that you can earn money using your blog.

How much money do bloggers earn?

Blogger incomes vary widely across niches and platforms. While some earn close to $19K a year, some are busy shattering the glass ceiling by bringing in no less than $79K per year through blogging. Some reports reveal that 14% of the bloggers who earn a regular salary through blogging rake in a little over $24K per year. In fact, corporate bloggers are believed to have a steady income of around $33K annually.

However, to reach a corporate blogging level, you would need to work pretty hard to make your blog have that kind of audience so it can be prepped to bring in money along those figures. And that is precisely what this post teaches you to do. When you have a blog with a substantial reader base, you can use the tips that we share here for insights into how you can make money through your blog.

8 ways you can earn money using your blog

Blogs have nowadays become part of mainstream media with media houses such as BBC or The New York Times publishing blogs to keep the digital generation hooked to their content. If you are a keen blogger, check out these 8 cool ways that you can monetise your blog today.

1. Use affiliate marketing techniques

Use affiliate marketing techniques to bring more people to your site. When you have just started out your blog, take up some affiliate marketing programs that help you increase the footfall in your site. You can earn money by using your blog to provide in-text links for products or services that others sell. Every time that someone clicks on those links, you earn some cool cash on the side.

Affiliate marketing thus works pretty simply. Let’s say you are a travel blogger. You can always pair up with companies that sell hiking gear, backpacks, or travelling accessories and sell those using your blog. You can also go for travel planning companies to create a great affiliate network.

2. Start online tutorials

Starting online tutorials is a pretty awesome way that you can monetise your blog. For instance, if you have an education blog, you can introduce a digital course on custom writing or essay writing for students or professionals who need to hone their skills. Other dynamic courses include graphic designing and digital marketing.

Conduct your background study so you can design and arrange for a course that is unique and has a growing demand among your readers. You can go the webinar and podcast way or arrange for audio courses that help your readers learn a thing or two. Sell in-demand and dynamic courses online and you will see money coming your way in no time at all.

3. Go for advertisements

Pay-per-click and cost-per-mile advertisements are also a great way of earning money through your blog. You can sell the website space of your blog, the RSS feed or lightbox advertisements that pop up when people visit your site. Earning money through advertisements is easy enough. But you will have to keep marketers hooked to your blog by sharing your reader stats.

Take up this form of monetising when you have garnered a legit reader base. When marketers looking for prospective bloggers to feature their advertisements see your reader stats, they will be eating out of your hands if the numbers are impressive enough. You can negotiate a fair deal with them and set things in motion to earn money by placing adverts in your blog!

4. Sign up for product reviews

Bloggers love this one. Product reviews are easy to get, and there are plenty up for grabs. Even the best content forums such as BuzzFeed use this technique to earn money through blogging. Product reviews usually come your way after you have established yourself as a more or less popular blogger in your niche.

A business might send over their products for you to write a review about. However, it does not necessarily mean that you would need to write a glorious and positive review about it. Sometimes, they would want you to include a link to their site in exchange of sponsoring the review entirely. Choose whichever way suits you, but be careful to disclose the matter of sponsorship to your readers for ethical reasons.

5. Cover events and get sponsors

Blogging assignment sites usually require bloggers for various types of tasks including covering events. It is pretty simple. You get to attend cool events in return for a post covering the same. It might or might not be something in your niche. But try to attend events that have a close link to your niche to remain consistent for your readers.

You will get paid after you publish the post online. Make sure that you publish the content on the day that you are supposed to so your readers get to know about it. However, a downside of covering events is that payments are not always as steady as other forms of monetising your blog. But they are definitely on the funner side, so they balance each other out here.

6. Offer unique services

Finding your niche must have been an uphill task when you first start blogging. Why let all of it go to waste? Offer services alongside your blog on your website so your readers can benefit from it. If you are a personal finance blogger, for instance, you can try your hand at consultancy as well.

Sell your services through your blog to make things even better. One day, you are writing about the 5 top tips to invest in shares. And the next, you are one of the financial consultants offering your services to your readers who need an advice or two regarding investments, for example.

7. Provide digital products

E-books, quick guides, how-to infographics and style cheat sheets are all part of the digital product bundle that you can sell through your blog. There are plenty of ways to sell digital products, and publishing an e-book is the most popular one among them. Once you have a substantial number of readers, you can go for some other techniques as well.

For example, you can always design an “exclusive content access pass” that readers have to subscribe for paying a nominal subscription fee. Make sure that they read a catchy snippet of what they can get through the subscription that lures them in. Market your products well, and the age of digital communication will ensure the rest to keep the counters clicking in your favour.

8. Double up your blog as an SEO asset

Finally, use your blog to market yourself. As a blogger, you epitomise your brand. And the more you market your brand, the higher the rates of converting that to money. Use basic SEO tactics to monetise your blog. These tactics include using the right hashtags in your posts, stuffing in relevant keywords in prime positions, and creating awesome content that has the readers hooked to your site.

You can also double up your blog to promote others’ websites using your SEO knowledge and make money through that as well. Blogging for fun is a thing of the past. So jump on the bandwagon today to put SEO practices to use when trying to make money blogging.

Whether you are a fitness blogger or have a personal finance blog, you can rake in quite a lot of money using the tricks that we just shared. However, make sure that you have a considerable reader base that helps you to get those adverts or affiliate programs swiftly. In addition to the 8 tricks, you should also actively market your blog to make it reach the heights of success where you would ideally like for it to be. Network like crazy on Twitter and LinkedIn and try to get noticed by the blogging biggies. And then you can be sure of having tonnes of traffic coming your way. And we all know how well that goes when you are trying to monetise your blog. Blog away for benefits!

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