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Best ways to plan a trip to china

by Olivia Grey (writer), California, July 30, 2018

Plan the perfect first trip to China. Get help from a tour agency and look at China Tour Packages for less hassle and stress.

Travel is fun. But it requires a ton of planning and preparation, especially if you’re going with a big group. Here’s a list of the best ways to ensure a stress-free trip.

Read up

Do your research first. Don’t just stick a pin the map and pick that as your destination. China is a vast country. You’ll want to narrow down the list of places and sights you and the rest of the people in your group want to see. For first-timers, though, Beijing and Shanghai along with Guilin and Xi’an should be on top of the list of must-see places.

Get a visa

You’ll need to get a visa for the trip. Some agencies suggest applying for one six months in advance. If you’re hiring the services of a tour agency, then ask them for help and advice. They may offer visa assistance to help you and your group get your visas approved.

Hire pros

Planning an itinerary takes boatloads of time, effort, and research. Some people enjoy the work, though, and find it exciting to plan out the trip. But if you already have your hands full and don’t want to worry about your deadlines intruding on your vacation, then it’s best to hire a tour service. Check out China tour packages to save you time and effort. With tour packages, you won’t have to spend precious weekends and spare time planning the trip for everyone.

Fix your finances

If you plan on withdrawing money from ATMs, you’ll need to alert your credit card companies in advance. Otherwise, they may regard the transactions as unusual activity and block your card. Also, while cards are accepted in the metropolis, you’ll need to rely on cash when you get to the villages and countryside.

Ask everyone

Don’t decide for everyone, though. Get everybody’s input. Ask the group to choose which of the tour agency’s China tour packages hit the mark. Vote on it. That’s one way to get the consensus out of your group.

Learn a few phrases

The language barrier can make it a bit of a muddle when you travel to China. You’ll find it helpful to learn a few phrases. Practice a few words in Mandarin and Cantonese, two of the major languages spoken in China, the Business Insider shares. Smile and Ni Hao your way to new friends. Keep in mind there are dialects and pronunciations can vary from region to region.

Dress appropriately

China is a conservative nation. Skimpy dresses and bikinis are a no-no even if you’re hitting a coastal town. Go for a conservative one piece instead. Red is also a good color since it symbolizes good fortune. Pick clothes in red tones if you plan on attending any festivals while you're there. Also, ditch the flip-flops and grab a comfortable pair of sandals or closed shoes instead.

Forget your social media

Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are banned in China. You’ll need to consign your social media apps and pages to oblivion while you’re there. Treat it as a much-needed detox from social media and you’ll be good to go.

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