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7 Examples of Over-Sized Titles in Web Design

by Editor (editor), , June 26, 2018

Let’s dive into how the online world and web designers in particular.

As much as the world of marketing and technology is changing and evolving, as much can be said about the world of web design. Each year is met with a fresh wave of design predictions for the ensuing year.

A theme that has been recurring year after year, especially in the past five years, is that of bold headlines written in oversized text. As opposed to newspapers that in most cases choose to only use one font for their headlines, web designers are now more than ever exercising their creativity by using different types of fonts.

Let’s dive into how the online world and web designers in particular, utilize this wide array of available online fonts to portray their brands in big and bold moves.

1. Huge Inc

Huge Inc. is a perfect example of loud minimalism on their homepage. This company based in Brooklyn has captured this style well with a clean, clear look devoid of any clutter. With a number of design companies turning towards this look, it is definitely one that is about to stay.


2. Keith Alva

This site not only looks really good, but the combination of font, background and color option blends really well together. The designer of this site Keith Alva, is to be commended for the brilliant use of large over-sized text and a clever use of political vocab s part of the heading.

3. Ade Mills

This young graphic designer from Hastings created a very minimal look on his personal website, by making use of blue filters to have that distinctive look. The idea behind Ade Mills’ design, was to have a look that was both flexible and that went well with long as well as short content, using minimal colors, images and fonts.

4. Univet


Univet is unique in that they’ve taken a completely different approach to oversized text than most web designers would. They’ve played with the opacity of the title text and turns it really low when you hover over it. Combined with cool large images creates a modern futuristic tech look.

5. Teamgeek

This design by Teamgeek is both unique and kind of weird. Apart from the strange effect when simply moving across the header, the size of the font has a positive appeal to lookers. Although there is a strangeness about the logo and the message, once you fiddle with it you’ll realize that there is a unique twist to it.

6. Slack

Slack’s website is a perfect example of how not doing anything fancy for a website can be just what is needed to make it look attractive. In this case, the size of the font is making it happen for this website. You’ll notice that there really is nothing special or unique about the font they’ve chosen. However, the font helps to portray an image of clarity and cleanness.

7. Glamour

Glamour magazine has captured the uniqueness of large titles the best on their website. For magazines such as these where tons of traffic is the primary focus, having a header title that is big, makes a lot of sense. Capture the essence and deliver the message in a bold and daring fashion, as the audience are not ones for minced words.


Using over-sized text on your website isn’t what creates uniqueness or makes it great. It is the combination of huge fonts, the perfect design made especially for that need, the layout and the branding effort has gone into that specific website, that will make it stand out.

Attention given to things such as the size and weight of font, coupled with the design skills of a reputable web design company, will create visually aesthetic websites. These sites above should provide you with inspiration in the planning and designing of your own online masterpiece.

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