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5 Basketball Gaming App You Must Try

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , June 19, 2018

Here is a list of top five basketball games you must have on your mobile:

Just like soccer and cricket, basketball makes another famous game played and followed almost in every country of the world. Basketball is a game of tactics, skills and lot of reflexes to plan a basket. The intensity of the game can be seen in a basketball court where six members from each team chase a ball to dip and basket.

With so many mobile gaming apps, even sport like basketball has found its space in your handheld device. Android game developers have developed plenty of cool basketball games that you must try if you are a die-hard basketball fan or can’t pass your time between two NBA matches.

Here is a list of top five basketball games you must have on your mobile:

1. NBA JAM: if you want to feel the upbeat nostalgia of the 90’s basketball games then the NBA JAM is a must for you. This hot and super exciting game will surely give you an adrenaline rush one’s you start playing. There are two modes to choose, single player or as a multiplayer with a team. It’s a big game with such realistic graphics and sound. It almost occupies takes 300MB or more of data to download it.

2. NBA 2K18: it’s one of the most authentic and promising NBA games to date, and surely there is no match. With stunning graphics and audio/visuals. It seems so real that players might not even know that they are into a virtual game. The game allows franchise control through multi-sessions which makes it even more real and fun. Beats from famous artists like Shakira, Lamar and Nas makes it more enjoyable than ever before.

3. Basketball shot: the virtual version of very classic machine games still favourite among gaming parlours, where players have to make as many baskets as possible in a minutes time. Now the game is available on Android devices and is sure to test your skills. Famous among young basketball lovers, the mobile game attracts young and passionate alike. The game is available to download for free.

4. Slam Dunk Mania: do you enjoy playing with friends in the backyard but hot weather forces you to shut the door and remain inside, well it’s then that you download the Slam Dunk Mania and start competing with your friends. The virtual reality game is so designed as you have to figure out every move to make a shot similar to actual dunk game.

5. Stickman Basketball: enjoy the cation on the court with this fantastic, thrilling WBCBL team game on your android device. The game offers you to choose from among more than hundred teams and have full control over it. The game is full action packed and it free to download but with in-app purchases.

Well, if you are too keen to invest your free time in exploring some cool basketball games then search the Internet and find plenty of options. You can read the reviews of users before downloading to get the best games and enjoy them.

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