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Top Yoga Poses Suggested for Fitness

by tarun pahwa (writer), Delhi, July 12, 2018

It's a popular saying a sound mind lives into a healthy body. Everybody has the right to live happily. Happiness and peace come from within. These are the Yoga Poses keep you fit and healthy.

The term 'Yoga' is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘union’ or ‘to join'.Yoga is an ancient form practiced in India by ascetics when they have been in meditation.

Breathing exercises: These exercises are helpful in increasing oxygen consumption to the body cells, including the fat cells. This causes burning of cells. Additionally, it reduces anxiety. Whenever we're anxious, if we take a deep breath, our anger or anxiety moves. Stress makes us swallow our food without chewing. So, we tend to consume more than is required. This hampers weight reduction. These breathing exercises assist and keep you calm and cool.

Sun salutations: 24 sun salutations in 4 rounds a minute are beneficial to lungs and the mantras relax the brain.

Pranayama: Pranayama manages the energy and relaxes the brain. Kapalbhati, Bhasrika and quick breathing help in burning off in obese men and women.

Ashtanga Yoga: It is a vigorous exercise which has many benefits for people who wish to lose weight.When you learn that the poses, it is excellent for house practitioners. This will result not only in the burning of fat but also the energy of muscles.

Bikram Yoga: You have to attend a minimum of 10 Bikram Yoga sessions per month i.e. 3 sessions weekly to gain maximum weight reduction benefits.

In Hatha Yoga, many yoga poses for weight lose concentrate on sun salutations which include a set of poses which are made to warm, stretch and move the spine in various directions. It's ideal to practice on an empty stomach and to simply sip water during the custom.

Mountain pose, which can be just standing in focus with an emphasis on alignment, involvement, and mindful breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Upward dog, which is an extreme backbend on the ground. The next pose is then a downward dog, which is designed to extend the hamstrings, lengthen the spine and strengthen the arms.

The downing is followed closely by jumping or hopping into a standing forward bend and then coming back to the standing pose and to begin this series of poses that flow from one pose to the next.

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