8 Writing Warm-Ups For More Productive Essay Writing

Have you ever felt perplexed while preparing a complicated essay paper? Right now you're possibly nodding your head in exasperation after reading this. But there's no escaping the truth that as you move up the ladder of the different academic level, your essays just get more and more complex.

While you may not have much of choice in the matter and you can't skip it, but you can definitely choose to simplify the whole process of preparing a complex paper. So presented below are some insightful tips you must consider when you get down to writing your essay.

1. Read and try to decipher the question that lies within your essay topic

This is the first and the most vital step to prepare your essay. You could present an excellent essay paper and end up getting a below average marks because you couldn’t focus on the particular question. Most of your marks depend on the relevance of your write-up according to your topic. So make sure whatever you are writing is ultimately connected to the question.

2. Prepare a thorough outline of your essay paper

To ensure that you don't waste your productive hours, you must have a plan in place. Get down to prepare a precise and clear structure to provide more clarity to the text you write.

At this point, you should practice essay writing on a self-imposed deadline and then ask other people to check the paper, like a fellow classmate or a friend who have a fair idea about the specific subject you’re dealing with.

3. Write the introduction with clarity

Your introduction should be crisp, and to the point, it should offer a brief insight on the topic and highlight the major concepts. You must remember, in this case, that you are only emphasizing on what you are going to describe further into the paper. Use concise and short sentences so that you don’t have to provide too much information and always incorporate the question.

4. The main body of the essay

This is part that fetches the most number of marks as it elaborates on the central ideas and argument. Also, this is where you place your argument based on the thesis statement. When you are drafting your essay paper, always ensure to refer to your thesis statement with the following questions in mind.

  • Does every paragraph in your essay emphasize the thesis statement?
  • Have you gathered enough supporting evidence to go with your essay?
  • Do you need to change your stance depending on the kind of evidence?

It is also imperative that you take a critical approach while writing the paper and assess every aspect of the topic that you are working with. The main body of your essay offers you the scope to define why the general premise of the particular topic is right. This also gives you a chance to show you can think critically, without depending on the preconceived ideas presented by the researchers before you.

7. Prepare a fitting conclusion

You must understand that your parting thoughts are the only thing that will linger in a reader's mind, so it's just as crucial as the first impression. Also, you should be careful not to introduce anything new at this point in the essay paper. While writing the concluding section of the essay, you are also not supposed to summarize the discussion or rehash your introduction. Your conclusion should emphasize on the actual essay question and define both sides of the argument why elucidating your stance is valid.

8. Check the essay question once again

After you are done writing all the sections, you should check your essay question once more. So you'll be able to know how effectively you have understood the topic, and you'll also be able to justify your arguments. This also allows you to ensure you aren’t going off track.

So, make sure to follow the steps to simplify the process of writing an essay.

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