30 Intriguing Essay Topics To Help Customize Your Essay Brilliantly

Essays are a rather common form of an academic requirement that students have to present throughout the span of their academic career. However, even with much practice, some students fumble while writing an essay paper, and often struggle to find the right topics to work with.

Since picking a suitable essay topic only adds to the credibility of the essay paper, we will talk about some impactful essay topics that will guarantee straight As. However, before that let’s look into some quick tips to choose a relevant topic that the custom writing experts also recommend.

Tips for selecting essay topics:

  • Carry out proper brainstorming when choosing the topic
  • Check whether you have enough material on your chosen topic and if you don’t then consider changing your topic.
  • Read books and scholarly articles to gain some insights on your initial idea.
  • Your topic should neither be too narrow nor should it be too focused.
  • If you can’t find any substantial idea to work on, then consider reading more books on the particular subject
  • Again, if you are confused between too many ideas, then go for the one that gets you enthusiastic.
  • Define the angle to the specific topic that you would want to present.
  • Ask for help from your professor or a senior

So now that you have gained some insight on how to pick out the most suitable topic, let’s take you by the hand and provide you with someinspiring topics that you can use for your next essay paper.

The following are some excellent essay topics:

1. Can cross-cultural marriages prevent racial disharmony? Elaborate with proper arguments.

2. Does the movement of internet neutrality go against the cybersecurity and privacy?

3. Provide a comprehensive overview on President Trump’s immigration policies and its implications.

4. Analyze the possible reasons for the global economic meltdown.

5. Elaborate how society has changed to adapt to the technological advancements.

6. Should there be stringent laws against animal testing of various cosmetic products.

7. How can machine learning be implemented within the mainstream education sector?

8. Are young people more rebellious, and more prone to negative influence? Explain with proper reason and evidence.

9. How will the evolution of battery technology help to ward off pollution?

10. A comparative study on the issue of racial tolerance in his decade and the last one

11. Present your opinion on what should an ideal society consist of.

12. Is the society more focused on feministic issues today? If yes, How has that impacted the society as a whole?

13. Present your views on the rampant practice of sensationalism in media.

14. Are children coming from dysfunctional families more prone to mental illness? Explain with adequate reason.

15. To decrease the price of gas, should nations drill for oil in environmentally secured places?

16. Discuss the role of media in highlighting the body image issues.

17. How are body image issues responsible for various health conditions?

18. Elaborate on the connection between an individual’s handwriting and his/her mental health.

19. Some critics believe, global warming doesn’t really exist. Do you agree? Give appropriate reasons along with your answer.

20. Does having more discussions on sex prevent sexual assault against women? Share your insights on the matter.

21. Is Stockholm’s syndrome a real condition? Is there any preventive measure against this condition?

22. Do children raised by single parent grow up to be more responsible? Provide adequate evidence along with the answer.

23. Having a successful career is no longer dependent on learning various skills life-long.

24. Should moral policing be curbed with proper punishment? Provide a logical explanation according your stance.

25. Some search engines and web browsers can raise security and privacy issues among the users.

26. Should there be stringent laws against domestic violence? Offer your insights in a logical manner.

27. Are sportspersons unfairly compensated for their skills and talents? Discuss your views clearly.

28. Should parents be held responsible if a minor commits a crime? Justify your answer.

29. Are the millennials more prone to mental disorders than their predecessors? Justify your answer.

30. Does social media affect interpersonal relationships? Present your argument properly.

Now that you have the topics make sure you follow all other guidelines and carry out proper editing and proofreading to impress your professor with a remarkable essay.

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