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5 Reasons Why You Should Protect Your PCB

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , May 23, 2018

Here are five reasons why you should undertake PCB protection for your electronic devices:

A printed circuit board or PCBs are an essential component in your electronic devices. Almost all the electronic devices, laptops, computers, kitchen appliances and home appliances have a PCB in them.

With advancement in technology every passing year, the need for more powerful and efficient PCB emerges. Now this means that the board has to have a durable life and must withstand any sudden changes in working conditions.

Nowadays almost every PCB comes with a conformal coating that insulates the board and protects it from a high voltage surge. It also provides the PCB with the ability to withstand dielectric voltage between two conductors. It exercising caution does no harm. Even though your costly appliances will have protected PCB but your low cost electronic may not.

So now it all falls on you, to protect the PCB from damages. Many people prefer taking a lot of caution to protect the PCB of their computer or laptop or hard drives because it contains their data. Any loss to the board would mean a probable loss to data and more than that inconvenience to get it repaired and back to work.

Here are five reasons why you should undertake PCB protection for your electronic devices:

1. Complete protection:

PCB must be protected internally and externally against moisture, fungus, dust, temperature etc. if the board is not protected and is exposed to any of these changes, it would damage the board leading it to complete damage. But if you coat the board with a conformal coating or Add additional layers of protection, you can rest be assured that your data and device both are safe.

2. Improving dielectric properties:

An unprotected board without any coating on it may bend or corrode over time, due to its mechanical functions. But when you coat it with a conformal layer, you not only protect it from damages, but it also enhances it working. It allows dielectric functions to process well between two conductors and helps in smooth functioning.

3. Saves from hazards:

Imagine a scenario where you didn’t have your PCB protected and a sudden increase in electric current passing through the eclectic board hikes due to voltage gush, it can very easily trigger short circuit within the board completely damaging it, but it can also trigger fire due to short-circuit, leading to more significant losses.

4. Protected circuit information:

If you are a keen developer and use PCB in your makes, having it protected through a coating of conformal may help you a lot. Since it’s also available in black colour, the information on the circuit board can easily be protected from being copied or reproduced.

5. Cost effective:

Safeguard the board is much cost effective than having to buy another board or a device. Altogether a simple internal or external protection to the PCB can save you both time and money.


While most of you may not see this as a necessary thing, but imagine yourself, not being able to connect to your computer or laptop for days. Well, that can happen if you don’t protect the PCB.

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